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Gifts of the God Mages - Pathfinder e05

Gifts of the God Mages
May 2012 - ongoing
June 8th Game Session

Episode Five: The Tomb of the Gnome Tinkerer

On the fifth game session of the Indigo-Entertainment Pathfinder chronicle, my total number of players has reached ten.   I have to admit, it has been a while since I've had a group this big, so a part of me was feeling a bit apprehensive about being able to give a game that will still be entertaining for all.  While most Dungeon Masters approach Pathfinder (and D&D games) as tactical battle fests, I find it hard to focus on just the battle and love injecting story arcs into the game.  This, however, meant working out story lines that intersect with many characters, allowing for a greater participation from those involved.   Many during this session earned enough experience points to finally hit fifth level, which meant many taking the first step towards their preferred Prestige Classes.  Multi-classing was definitely the option some had embraced.

In this game session, the following players were present:
Rondo, CG, Sorcerer
Ramza, CG, Fighter-Wizard
Baus, true Neutral, Barbarian-Wizard
Caishn, CN, Rogue
Lyus, NG, Druid
Kalder, CN, Rogue
Jazintho, CN, Wizard
Galvindir, LG, Cleric

The game opens with the group learning the party is split in different areas.  One group was already off in another quest, still trapped in the Tomb of the Gnome Tinkerer.  As it turns out, Ishi, Vartan and Foxilon were returning from the Tomb to recoup some strength and bring Vartan back for recovery.  But both were determined to return to help Rondo, Ramza and the new crew member Baus.  Baus is a Half-Orc Barbarian who was smarter than most in his community.  His dreams of someday becoming a true Wizard has become his driving goal in adventuring.

Elsewhere in Doranth, Kalder and Galvindir were speaking with the Erastil priest about the God Mages.  Galvindir inspected the authenticity of the ancient tome that supposedly showed how Nuala resembled the supposed God Mage of old.  Yenrry (NPC) continued to remain fascinated with his strange regenerating hands.  Kalder found himself being asked by the priest if he was willing to do what it takes to save the world, namely kill Naula before she regains her power.  When he agreed, the priest blessed him with some Divine spell, promising when that day came, he would strike true.

Elminster and Omen were both terribly injured by the attack in the tavern.  Alcarin (NPC) opted to stay and do what he could to help.  Lyus in a daze, went back to the Realms Master, uncertain how to tell them that the greatest Magus in the Realm, Elminster was on the very verge of death.

Back on the ship, Jazintho slowly was made aware that his assault by the Drow wizard Surea was merely an Illusion.  She teased him about the power of magic and admitted to him she too had a Demon Child within her.  "They start with knowledge, then tempt you with secrets, and eventually... things beyond anything you expect."  He tries to pry more secrets from her but she remains mum, asking him however if he would be interested in working with her.  "I only have to settle a score with Omen.  Omen has shied away from his responsibility in raising our child."    With the key Jazintho was given by Ishi, the wizard quickly considered looking for what it unlocked.  He eventually finds it opens not Omen's chambers or the artifact room, but a room that has been locked up.  Inside, melted armor, a destroyed shield, and a distorted holy symbol were found.  Jazintho realizes it was the room of the former Paladin who had died, one who supposedly Ishi and Jasmine had loved.

Just off the ship, Ciashn arrives with Nuala and both are confronted by a suspicious Ishi Barasume.  Ishi did not meet the two earlier in the day and was wary of letting them onboard the vessel.  Eventually, the oriental... warrior... allowed them onboard and called out asking who will join the mission to finish the quest and get the others out.  Jazintho opted again to stay, hoping for another chance at seeing the artifacts.  Kalder and Galvindir arrived back in time at the port to see the leaving boat.  They joined the others on the trip to the Tomb.

In the Tomb, Ramza, Rondo and Baus dealt with four Ogres.  The giants were terribly strong, with their massive reach and frightening strength.  Baus disabled one with a well-timed surge of Rage, but fell down exhausted in the struggle.  Rondo was able to fell another one, with a hidden strike of Shocking Grasp, followed by a flurry of Magic Missles from above.  Ramza knocked one out with a Sleep arrow, then engaged with another with his sword.  The last Ogre, however, was vicious and nearly overwhelmed Ramza's skills.  Rondo had to support the battle with an empowered blow of his spear.

In the upper levels, the group had to navigate four floors of traps, monsters and lures.  From a series of deadly traps which Caishn had to disable one at a time (with the third requiring help from Kalder), to a room filled with gold and platinum coins, that turned out to be a massive breeding pit for metallic crabs and their gigantic brethren.  Once again, Galvindir's pony came to the rescue, but sadly the pony's strikes were barely able to penetrate the crab's armored shells.  Kalder and Caishn brought low a few with well-timed sneak attacks.  Galvindir's bow amputated a few crab arms with well-timed strikes.  Lyus found himself grappled by one grab, and eventually had to spring free with the help of his wolf.  Caishn at one point asked Ishi, "You guys have been here before.  Why not just show us the way down?"  Ishi replied, "Perhaps I wanted to see if you were all worth being part of the crew."

Down below, Ramza and Rondo eventually find a strange room.  With the bottom filled with water, strange criss-cross marks dominated the chamber, and the floor was broken down to narrow arcing pathways.  Rondo took to the air to study if the patterns made sense from above.  Ramza dove down to check what was the source of the green-bluish lights that flickered below.  Deep beneath the waters, Ramza felt a strong current that buffeted him backwards.  Rondo could not get what significance the patterns shared, and it was only with the arrival of Galvindir and Lyus that things would come into focus.  Lyus assumed his Wildshape and became a shark, diving into the waters to investigate.   Below, he found a strange bottle like thing that was the source of the current.  Knocking it free from the ground, hoping to study it, the object shot out like a propelled missile and ricocheted against the walls, ceiling and anything in its path.  The arcs now made sense as the object zipped past many of them, until a perfectly-timed catch stopped the object's deadly launch.  Rondo grabbed it tight and as he slowed his flight, he stoppered the object closed.  It was a Decanter of Endless Water.

Beneath the waters that were now calm, Lyus found the remains of a long dead gnome and his spectacles.  Since the spectacles were the artifact they were to collect, Lyus gathered it up with his teeth and swam back towards the surface.  It was another successful quest, and the group congratulated themselves for a job well done.  Caishn, Foxilon and Kalder freak out when they discover that all the "coins" they gathered turned out to be tiny metallic crabs!   None of them knew, however, what was happening back at the Realms Master.

Jazintho found himself an audience to a disembodied Dwalimer Omen.  The poor wizard continued to be in so much pain that he decided to leave his body Astrally for the moment.  Asking about how things were, Jazintho merely played it cool and told him of the ongoing mission.  Chancing it, Jazintho inquired about the artifact room and Omen joked about keeping the key where no one would expect to find it: Tied to the ship's Anchor.  Heading there, Jazintho finds Jasmine sitting on the anchor, and admitting to him that she's been watching him.  She learned a "thing or two" from Priam Agrivar, the late Paladin, among which was the ability to Detect Evil.  As she questioned Jazintho's motives, the Wizard took no chances and immediately threw a Silent Lightning Bolt at her.  Jasmine fells into the waters as she screamed in pain.  Before the key fell in as well, he reached out with Mage Hand only to find the key flying away from him and into another's hands.  "Ring of Telekinesis beats Mage Hand any day," Surea mused, as she levitated from the port side, and made a deal with Jazintho to share the hoard.  Jazintho agreed.

Galvindir felt a bad feeling once again, and for a brief moment saw the image of a maiden in white armor wielding a lance once again.   Who she is seemed to be a secret to be revealed in another time.

The answers will follow, in the next episode of The Gifts of the God Mages.

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