Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monster Hearts.. here I come!

So, this coming Saturday, I'm running a one-shot game for some friends and interestingly, one of them is bringing his girlfriend to join us.  She isn't a gamer, but she is willing to check out what this RPG thing is all about.  Given that knowledge, I've decided that it might be a good opportunity to try the Monster Hearts system since it is rules-lite enough for a new player to try, and can resonate and feel familiar given the popularity of shows such as TruBlood, Supernatural, Being Human and the like.

Admittedly, I'll probably tone down the Sex Moves of the game (the very same system which makes it hard for me to let others try Apocalypse World) since comfort levels might not be quite there yet, even for the non-new players.  But who knows, if they initiate the idea of using sex to get their way in some scenes, I just might introduce it back in.  Having sex in the game doesn't necessarily mean we go all out and start talking about porn, after all.

The magic of fade to black and cut always are always an option.

So, lemme go print the playkits (or rather Skins) out and here's hoping Saturday goes well!


There's also the consideration of running something come Friday for the Indigo Entertainment people.   There's always the option of continuing the Dungeon World game, Good and Evil, but at the same time, with Monster Hearts being a Saturday game, and possibly the Sunday Group having their Dungeon World game, Falling Ishtar, I'm really tempted to run something else entirely.  I dunno.  I love DW but I kinda draw the line in running three sessions of it within three straight days.

There's the urge to try FATE ACCELERATED but admittedly, I feel bad about running FATE without using any Fate/Fudge dice.   We tried looking for some in Singapore but sadly they didn't have any in stock.  And while I am fully aware one can "fake it" with normal six-sided dice, there's really a different feeling of satisfaction when you roll using the right kind of dice.

Given that, there's always other possible options:
1) I can opt to still run Good and Evil, but for the Sunday Group, go back into another session of The Umbra Group.  While I know they would love to have a Dungeon World session, I can try to have a few hours of Umbra before we jump into Dungeon World again, just to give me a breather between the games.  I know my players would understand.

2) I can go the opposite route and run another session of The Shotgun Diaries for the Indigo people.  Admittedly, zombies will always be a popular choice for that group.  Heck, I can even use the nWOD system and run them another zombie romp. It always feels cool to let more people try the World of Darkness.  My only real problem with this is, I don't get to explore a new system, which I admit has become the key consideration for all one-shots that I run nowadays.

3) Part of me WANTS to run a system using the Dr. Who game we got in Singapore, but sadly I don't think people in my office have gained an inkling towards the wonderful show.  The same goes for Leverage.  Sighs.  I  might have a bigger chance running them Inspectres or even Kuro.  But both might require more explaining than gaming.

Ah, I guess time will tell.  But hey, I've got no complaints.
I still get to celebrate and enjoy the hobby I love with the man I love and lots of cool geeky (and not so geeky) friends.  So life is good.

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