Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steps Towards Releasing My Own Game

Here's a very quick peek at Girls Elsewhere, the upcoming expansion to Josh Jordan's Heroine.   I was fortunate enough to be part of the book and my contribution Gabi, the Isles of Night.    Gotta admit, this is a very lovely book and the game is pretty awesome too.  The fact the imagery always uses photos is a huge plus in giving the game a distinct feel.

Here's hoping you guys will all be supportive and grab a copy once the book is released.    I should get my full review of the game out soon, but admittedly I want to run it a few times before I write one up (since there are people who are a stickler about that sort of stuff).   Try Heroine today.  This game allows you to relive the wonderful labyrinths and looking glasses that whisper, "Adventure!"

Check out Heroine at Drivethrurpg today.

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