Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tagsession Books to soon be released

I've been working on eventually releasing my own selection of books (maybe on RPGnow or DriveThruRpg) and I do hope that at least some of you readers of my blog decide to support them when they come out.   I still am having cold feet about this, admittedly, and I keep reminding myself to do what John Wick told me to do ("Just write it for yourself") and to worry about finding layout people, artists, and an audience later.

 Here's an idea of what's in the pipeline:

A meta-game role-playing game where even the players themselves are characters in the game. Play Immortals that wear Masks to enjoy the limitations of a mortal life. In this game, using meta-game knowledge is part of the fun! But beware, the Enemy lurks and worst of all, is the only person you really trust.

In a world where you can remix your brain to tap into memories you need, where does identity and loyalty lie? The Mission must be accomplished before time runs out. And unlike most role-playing games, in MEM:RE games do unfold in real-time and your choices to survive might make you the very danger your allies face.

At long last, you've found him.  The two of you stand before each other at the end of a long bloody saga.  But will you have the Edge, or the Hatred to see it through?

The coming of honor or disgrace must be a reflection of one's inner power - Xun Zi

TAGSESSIONS: Ideas for the Dramatic Gamer : Volume One
Tips and essays on how to approach gaming in ways which might be different from what you are used to.
This book will contain the following:
Story Fragments
Key Lines

TAGSESSIONS: Homebrewed Happiness: Volume One
Compiling the simple quick game systems I've written for my friends for the Creative Pay-It-Foward challenge of 2013.  This will contain most likely the following:
Kumiho of the Nine: A KoreanDrama RPG
Cat Dreams/Neko Yume : A Ghibli Inspired RPG
Survivor the RPG*
Adventure Time Advanced*
Adventure Time: Simplified RPG*

*Given the direct inspiration of the material to copyrighted material, I am still uncertain if the book will contain these games, or will contain a stripped-down version of the games for general play.  I feel sad though if I have to do that since they were directly written to capture the feel of the original material, while others were written to simply emulate the said material.
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