Monday, September 9, 2013

Doll is more than alive!

It is getting awesomely epic.

We've just hit the $900+ mark and there are still 19 days to go.
The $750 stretch goal was that I write Advanced Doll, the advanced rules options for Josh Jordan's Doll game.   I was pretty psyched because this meant I was finally getting one dream fulfilled (getting a game published with my name as the byline) and though this is just a four-page supplement, it was a good step forward from simply contributing a chapter to a supplement.

Once again I am reminded to stop worrying about how others will or won't like my work and to just write it and get it out there.

Man.  This is it.
Advanced Doll, I better get the first complete draft to Jordan asap.   The pages I've written so far haven't been sent to him for the initial read through, but that's cause I'm still adding even more stuff to them.

Funny how four pages doesn't seem as much as you'd think.
If you guys out there wanna check it out, or even better, support it, head on here.

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