Friday, September 13, 2013

In development: A Single Moment

from Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple
A Single Moment
by Tobie Abad

The two samurai stared at each other, their hands resting on the handles of their respective blades.  Neither have drawn their weapon nor gave any sign of letting the insult slide.  The two stood in each other's way, and kept their feet firmly planted in place.  Clearly, it was a question of who would stand aside for the other.  Or who would take the insult to the next level and draw the blade.

They were once friends.  Called each other brothers even.  But now the time has come for honor to be regained.  For vengeance to be unleashed.

We are at that single moment.


A Single Moment is a two-player game that is played in a series of scenes (or for longer games, game sessions) called Chapters.  Each Chapter represents a flashback where the players explore the events that lead to this single final moment.  So imagine the game opening with the Samurai finally facing each other, then having a series of flashbacks, before finally ending the whole narrative with the final blow.


This is one of my currently being written projects.  I am still undecided if I will release it as a PDF on DrivethruRpg or if I should actually take a stab at releasing it as a Kickstarter project.    I also wonder if I will find an artist who would be willing to work on this.   Or someone to lay it out.

(Or someone to buy it)

*crosses fingers*

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