Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Dice

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Dice
As some of you know, I blogged about my modest dice collection in an earlier post.  So it is interesting that I find myself having to blog about dice again.   Given that this is the Vampire 30-Day Challenge, I guess my best bet would be to mention which one so far in my collection has won my heart, given I have made a few new acquisitions.

So my favorite dice set right now are my Houses of the Blooded official dice.

Beautifully marbled with a mix of crimson and gold, these dice are just a wonderful thing to behold.  Even better, the dice feel very nicely weighted, unlike some dice which feel very light or too heavy.  I really love these dice.

If there's anything that bothered me about this dice, it would be how the Houses of the Blooded symbol was used to replace the number six instead of the number one like most custom dice were approached.  First few times we used this, we actually misread the dice and counted the symbol to mean "one."

But otherwise, these dice are just beautiful.  Absolutely pretty and elegant.  Makes me wish I had ordered more.

Now, let's say this was not a valid choice, given it is a set of six-sided dice.  This is, after all, the Vampire 30-Day Challenge and we all know White Wolf games use ten-sided dice.  So let me first feature the two newest dice I acquired in the last few months.

First is the mother of all my six-sided dice, a giant green die who you probably would not want to see angry. Found him lonely in a singles dice bin and realized it was best that I take him home.

The second is a white ten-sided die which was also in the singles bin.  I really had hoped to had found a set of white ten-sided dice, to complement my collection of black ones.  Would have been a nice touch to have for games where good and evil things are in the same story.  But for now, all I have is one.

Finally, there's the fiery gold and red set which I really wanted to keep.  I was supposed to sell it to my boss, but given he's determined to save up for now, he told me to keep it as my own instead.   Given I'm taking a trip to Singapore again soon, I was thinking of getting him a whole new set to keep as his own.  Here's hoping I find the kind he likes.

And finally, to answer today's Challenge, my favorite die in my set - as far as World of Darkness dice are concerned - contrary to popular belief is not the official new World of Darkness dice set I have.  Those are really pretty, I admit, but the fact their painted to support the new system more than stay broadly applicable means the dice are barely readable if the results are below 8.

That greatly reduced their usability.

So the winner instead is my marble-green Vampire the Masquerade die.
Classic.  Mysterious.  Sharp.  The die captures what I love about the old Vampire world.

Who knows, maybe soon I'll find a set to complete this lonely ten-sided orphan.
Or even better, find a shop with enough stock to own thirteen.

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