Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Gossamer Saga ep05 : Homebrewed System

The Gossamer Saga : Revolution

Episode Five
"Field Work"

Home-brewed Game

Kale, Quince and Ash make preparations to revisit the ruins of Staniga.  The three have realized that the cultists that were encountered in the past were huddled beneath the city's streets. The possibility existed that they had escaped the destruction of the city.  Ash sadly has little to share in the discussions, with her memories addled when she "lent" them to Chi'tairn.  Quince demands a weapon from the Blacksmith and when his demands seemingly get threatening, the smith calls his golem guardians once more.  While they argue, Kale uses the device that had been attached to his hand to open a portal beneath the golems.   Quince even forces the ceiling of the chamber to collapse, forcing everyone including the blacksmith to jump inside.  Instead of reappearing at the rafters where Kale and Ash once arrived at, they instead find themselves in the chamber where Kale had confronted the demon and created a massive tree to escape.

Back at the Gossamer Tower, Larkspur and Faraker return with Chi'tairn who appears in the guise of Ash.  With her totem and memories, Chi'tairn's disguise works well to bring her inside the tower without alerting others.  Larkspur schemes to get back at Ballouise for being always spoken of as the Bright One, and opts to use the cloak Magda had given her.  She recalls the cloak was meant to cause Ballouise's influence to fail.  She considers the idea of unraveling the cloak into thread which she hoped to use in some kind of sympathy magic, but the attempt fails.    But as she learns Ballouise is the center of the religion, Larkspur takes it upon herself to spread the faith, and bring back the light to Staniga.

Elsewhere, Dawn and Chi'tairn are talking about Staniga and what they are up against, but neither of them truly grasps the immensity of their foe.  Chi'tairn protests the choice of Dawn's helper and asks for an artifact which she needs if she is to help Dawn.

Back at the place beneath Staniga, Kale, Ash and Quince investigate the cavern.  The blacksmith and two of his golems are with them, drawn through the portal thanks to Quince's machinations.  As the group argues over how to investigate the location, the blacksmith has one of the golems tear open the door.  Ash continues to struggle through her memories as she finds bits and pieces of recollection on why the place was important to her. She finds the room which drew her close before and starts to look though the contents for anything that would jog her memory.  Kale and Quince argue with the blacksmith, who insists he wants nothing to do with them.    Ash sadly fails to find anything that strikes her as important.

Larkpur, back in her room, gains a visit from Dawn and Chi'tairn.  Dawn tells Larkspur of the importance of Chi'tairn reaching the bottom of the tower, past the room of Seers, where an object of import lies.   Dawn expresses how imperative it is for Chi'tairn to get this object.    Larkspur is tasked to make a distraction, which she accomplishes by using the angelic manifestations her room had created for her to support the Trust.  The angels gain her likeness and with both song and religious fervor, Larkspur steals the attention of the guards and seers quite easily, giving Chi'tairn the opening she needs.

Ash continues to dig through the boxes while Kale considers inspecting the mirror for another glimpse of his father.  The mirror still works and Kale sees the image of a crowd of shabbily dressed people in a dark area.  When Ash cuts herself, it happens to be the same moment when her memories surge back into her mind.  Ash sees the mirror and challenges Kale about an old argument; whether or not there is a time to kill a person.  Kale insists his father is a good man and considers that he and the others may be food for the demon.    Quince attempts to understand the golems.  Using the Trust, Quince recalls the order of the Apiary and gains control of one of the golems.  When the group finally get to the room with the people, Ash realizes that Kale's father is not someone who registers in her memories.  If Ash was to kill someone, it definitely wasn't him.  Kale fails to recognize his father in the crowd.  Quince starts to menace the people, demanding they talk and give answers but none seem to have anything informative to share.

An explosion rocks the Tower.  Larkspur sees Chi'tairn fly through the air and slam into the wall.  As Larkspur quickly moves close, she declares Chi'tairn under her protection.    The guards quickly surround them both.

And back under Staniga, Quince considers calling the demon somehow as evidence once the Order catches up with them.  The group knows the Order is making its way to locate them and they have a limited amount of time to either find more evidence or find a way out.  Tokens surge and suddenly almost completely invisible figures move towards them.  Kale looks at the far wall and sees the corridor beyond it where armed cultists close in on their location as well.    The group finds themselves trapped as cultists close in to catch them, and the invisible assailants turn out to be guardsmen from the Gossamer Tower!

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