Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vampire 30-day Challenge: Favorite NPC

Vampire 30-day Challenge: Favorite NPC
Hmm this is a tough one.  There are just so many good characters in the game to choose from.  Then again, we are talking about a game line which has spanned from prehistory to the modern times.   Do I choose Saulot himself, an Antedeluvian whose actions in the past linger all the way to the present and whose machinations unfold to cause terrible things at the dawn of Gehenna?  Do I choose Ambrogino Giovanni whose ambition and tenacity far outweigh those of his contemporaries?  The man who sought to devour God himself and become an omnipotent force in the World of Darkness itself?

What about the ladies?  There's Fatima al Faqadi, the Assamite who breaks the all-male tradition of the Assamite Clan, or Lucita Aragon, Fatima's lover, and the "daughter" of the infamous Ambrosio Moncada who eventually work together to kill the Archbishop for all he had done.

So many to choose from.  So many awesome characters to cite.

My group's favorite would be the infamous Lady Jadviga Almanov of Bohemia, who became even more reviled to the players than Claudius Giovanni himself.  Boy was she a thorn on their side, double crossing the Conspiracy and then double-double crossing the Founders when she had the chance.  She was a Blueblood in more ways than the Ventrue would ever admit, and she was a wicked vile thing that knew how to manipulate even the best Cainite out there.

But I guess I would have to admit that my personal favorite would have to be Anatole.  The Malkavian from the Dark Ages who finds himself glimpsing the machinations of the Antedeluvians long before the rest of the World of Darkness learns to believe in their existence.  His rants and ravings do not go completely unheard of, thankfully, and many Noddists even seek him out for guidance and information.

He eventually pours out everything he could of his visions as a stream-of-consciousness record that covers the walls, floors and ceiling of what will become the location of his Final Death.  This happens at the turn of the millennium just as the coming of Gehenna begins.

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