Friday, November 8, 2013

Weeping Blade Smile ep02 : Legends of the Wulin

Weeping Blade Smile
Episode Two

"Water Chestnuts, Bird's Nests and Pheasant"

I am the Omnipotent Dreamer, Ching Eng.
Upon my charts I trace the lines of Destiny and see the entanglements that are to shape the flow of the world.  I see two elders discussing over tea the fate of their daughter.  I see how they wish to the strings of happiness of my beloved Xiao Shiah Lin to the detestable Bai-Yan.    I see how the yang of Governor Yang Sung yearns for the yin of Yue Fan, but his attempts to know her are confused by Gallant Eagle and Vigilant Hawk's confusion over which woman the rotund official desires.  I see the former lieutenant of the Rabid Dogs hunt for the trail of their wayward master.   His questions lead him to the Xu Clan, where a small temple is watched over by Xu Tan Nu, whose Priestly affairs are practiced when the husband is away.  This visitation would most likely be witnessed by Bai-Yan, who would remember the significance of the ivory comb he had left in the drunken man's possession.

Today is a sweet day for poison.

That much I am certain.  Xiao Shiah Lin is destined to cross paths with me again.  Just as the Vigilant Hawk will be tasked to hunt himself.  

I visit Dong Wang, the prisoner of the Eagle Talons, and easily gain access by sharing with them a wine softened with sleeping herbs.  The man admits to me his actions were meant to humiliate the Xu Clan after he and his brother were bested by Xu Rui on the Mountain Pass.    When I inquire about his appearance, he admits that he was advised by Man In Green Robes to the whereabouts of a Doctor Din.  The Doctor, it was said, was to give him the benefit of the Flesh-Shaping Technique.

The Governor writes a letter to invite Xiao Shiah Lin to his home.  I must subtly urge the others to reconsider the invitation.   I must prevent her from being there when he enjoys the fruits of my labors.

How do I draw the others in?   Perhaps it would be best to start with the Doctor.  And the Flesh-Shaping itself.  That would be the answer to the question puzzling Xu Rong Sai, who would soon come to visit the Xiao Clan to ask my beloved's mother, Xiao Cai, his questions regarding medicine.  There are precious few to ask about such techniques, and Xiao Cai may be the closest one he shall consider.

This would require, however, a more active part for me to bring Xiao Wei Long and Zi Ying to the same household.  Xiao Wei Long will be drawn by the smell of wine, and Dong Long would be the perfect lure for the Frozen Wolf.  The two chasing each other should draw Zi Ying's attention as the Vigilant Hawk's sight will surely capture their movements in the city.  If things go well, this would then draw Yue Yi into the web as well, as their sounds are sure to reach her sensitive ears.

All gathered, the need for hospitality would force Xiao Cai to invite all to a dinner.  And in that dinner, Xiao Shiah Lin would be far to preoccupied to reconsider the Governor's invitation.

Jasmine.  Yue Yin still smells as fragrant as before.  And Xiao Cai is surely to serve Xiao Shaih Lin's wedding wine to celebrate XIao Wei Long's return.  This would emotionally hurt my beloved enough for me to sweep in and comfort her.

"Tonight is a good night for truth to reveal itself," Yue Yi predicts and I agree.  Tonight is indeed a night of truths.

The dinner.  My beloved's cooking is marvelous.   There are snippets of conversation but I am lost in the deluge of flavors that usurp my focus.   The first dish invigorates the senses.  Awakens the tongue for the flavors to come.  The second dish seduces the palate.   Yue Yi touches my arm to warm me the soup is hot.  I feel my skin afire.  Are my longings for her still alive?  The third dish reveals richer and thicker spices mingling among the meat.  Xiao Wei Long and Xu Rong Sai seem preoccupied over something.  The details elude me.  Xiao Cai mutters something about her husband having been abudcted.  The Rabid Dogs are lose.  Yue Yi is hired to locate the man posing as Frozen Wolf.  I turn to Vigilant Hawk but find myself unable to say anything out of confusion.  Xiao Shiah Lin?  Yue Yi?

How does the heart choose which death to permit and which happiness to embrace?

News reaches the people.  The Governor is dead.

My predictions remain true.
More so when I make sure they happen.

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