Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Best DM I've Had

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Best DM I've Had

I have not been a player that much in my life.  From my first game under those seniors in the school bus, to my first few games with my brother Mike, and cousin Arjay, as we explored Marvel Super Heroes, and misunderstood the Dungeons and Dragons boxed sets, to eventually my games with the neighborhood friends (Oliver, Rommel, Quincy, and Ryan) who allowed me to join their ongoing Forgotten Realms campaign as Shel Downwind, female Paladin of Tymora, then the many other games using Macross, Robotech, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, and such, to the games with schoolmates that included a Legionnaires game using the D.C. Heroes MEGS system, the various White Wolf games, and those odd few LARP sessions, I actually don't have that huge a pool of Dungeon Masters to choose from as my favorite one.

I would like to say Adrian Martinez.
A great friend of mine whose passion for gaming is paralleled by only a handful of people I personally know.  He is a gifted storyteller who understands the intricacies of theater and story and yet knows how to balance drama and character with drive and passion.  Sadly, I have not had more than a single game session under him due to the fact that in many events we usually are both running games for other people.  And worse, I haven't been able to game with him again since... personal events severed some ties.  Rocky and I still hope to hear from him again someday, and hope to rekindle the gaming flames once again in some near future time.

Thus the honor goes to the GM who made a HUGE difference to my gaming life: Ryan Mendoza.    
Ryan is my childhood gaming GM, my friend, and a huge inspiration and motivator to my gaming life.  It was he who let me portray that female Paladin and break the ice with a new group of friends I did not even know back then.  He was the one who pushed me to try running games as well. He was the one who taught me to learn to just run a game as a GM and to stop getting too worried about having to know everything down to the smallest detail.  He was the guy behind me who gave me the thumbs up whenever I'd run darker games and remind me to enjoy the darkness every now and then.

Currently, Ryan is headlong in a freefall dive for his other huge love, making comic books.    If you want to check out his stuff, take a peek at Shuriken Studio and check out his comic book: Weird Cases Volume 1: Matt Loner and The Shadows of Eden.

Thank you, Ryan.

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