Monday, December 9, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Character You Want to Play In the Future

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Character You Want to Play In the Future

Hmm this is a toughie for me given as the Storyteller in practically all the White Wolf games I've been in, I get to pretty much "play" anyone I want.  But if I were, in any recent time, told to be a player and could play anyone I wanted, I would ask for the joy of having a game start in the Dark Ages, and be given the chance to actually play a character based on River Song of Doctor Who.  I would love to be a temporally displaced character who (maybe due to True Magick going awry, or some Thaumaturgical ritual going wild, or maybe even some True Brujah cursing me with Temporis) keeps appearing or coming to consciousness in various timelines of the World of Darkness and having to survive each "jump."

For that game, I would probably fashion my River Song as a Malkavian, just so she already can cope with the madness of not really having a "permanent life" to hold on to.  She's be loaded with Auspex, Dementation and a touch of Celerity to survive her jaunts and I would probably have her less concerned about her survival and more excited over the chance to see the world in so many ways because prior to what was happening to her, she was just a blue-collar worker in some city who got attacked by some hungry Kooks and left to die in the street.

River Song in the World of Darkness.
And a chance to visit all the cool metaplot moments.
To be there in the fall of Constantinople.  To see the forging of the Camarilla.  To witness the death of Cappadocious*.  To be friends with Tremere before he tries the ritual.  To bear the sight of the cause of the Week of Nightmares.  To stare back at the Red Star.   To hear the Crone whisper to Caine's ear...
That would just be wonderful.

I can imagine her appearing in 1444, at the Convention of Thorns, and as she learns of what will transpire there, Rafael de Corazon would probably notice her whimsical smile and ask her of her opinion regarding whether or not the Masquerade would work.

And she would answer one single word before vanishing to another time line.

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