Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Day 26-Favorite Discipline

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Day 26-Favorite Discipline

I will have to reply to this with two answers.  Yes, I am cheating, but hey it is my blog.

First, let me choose among the basic Disciplines available, and by basic I meant what typically is permitted during Character Creation in a Camarilla game.  If it were what I would want to play with in the game, that would be Presence.  The sheer drama of it all was just lovely.  The ability to sway people even before you speak was just delicious.  The dark touch of creating passions and bonds without even letting them taste you blood was wicked, and let's face it, few would even resist an offer to taste you blood after a few touches of Presence.    And most importantly, the "vampiric pager" called Summon.  To be able to emotionally reach out and say, "[Enter name here] come to me now." and they feel it?  Just badass and cool.  I love it!  Dominate had too many setbacks to limit it, from Generational differences to not having eye-contact or being unable to speak the target's language.  Presence achieved more with a smile.  And yes, while it could be unpredictable, it did keep your servants and pawns from becoming mindless followers.

Among all Disciplines offered, though, I would have to switch to Auspex as the most useful, most efficient, and most dangerous discipline out there.   Being able to sense, to see, to know, and at even later stages, to HURT without physically doing something was an advantage that was hard to compete against.  While Obfuscate was just as fun, Auspex was useful whether or not you were alone or with others.

Many of the more unique Disciplines like Obtenebration, Vicissitude, Daimonion, etc had nice moments, but they did not feel as comprehensively conceptualized the way Auspex was.    I loved having NPCs who used it, and I loved it when the players were able to capitalize on it to get more information and clues to have an edge over their opponents.

I would give my left kidney to have real-world Auspex powers from 1-8.

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