Friday, February 14, 2014

mem:RE First Playtest

I just had the first actual playtest for mem:RE with my office mates yesterday and I'm feeling pretty psyched on the introspective angle that it presented.  The real-time aspect will always be a different paradigm some might have trouble working with.

The character sheet with the changing stats was fun and I liked how the players realized their memories couldn't be fully trusted.   I need to tweak the system more, however, to make danger and fights even more awesome for more thrilling fights and chases.

The back story of the game though is definitely showing promise.  Thank you to my three office mates who helped me playtest this game.  Thank you for the first stab at this, Mister Michaelson, Mister 6 and Mister E.

I only hope I can find a way to translate all those great ideas into a written form.  It is such a challenge to find a way to translate rules and fluff into a form that someone who has never met you can easily grasp.

But yeah, I'm gonna tackle this beast and have this game out within the year!   Sorry its running a tad late, but this game is dedicated to you, Rocky.  I love you and I want my first game ever to be published to be dedicated to you.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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