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The Seven ep05 : Vampire the Masquerade

The Seven
Episode Five

"Reflections on the Giovanni"

Vampire the Masquerade
Classic World of Darkness

After the events in New York city, the Kindred find themselves working in the shadows to regain some semblance of order, and spreading out of the fated city.   Jeremiah Ash escapes to Boston where he works on boosting financial ties with groups he knows to be affiliated with the Giovanni.  Eventually, he gains the trust and interest of Marco Guisette Giovanni, an Elder in Boston, who then brings him to the heart of the Giovanni Clan; to Boston.

Antonio Ruiz has gained the confidence of the Priscus Leila Monroe.  The Lasombra sends Antonio under the guise of seeking for a Sabbat cainite that had vanished while in the city.  In truth, however, Leila as well has noticed the events in the city, and hopes that Antonio can uncover more truth about the strange events that some cities go through.

Samantha Fletcher feels the sudden power vacuum with the disappearance of the Camarilla elders.  She receives word from Vienna to take all the tomes and bring them to Vienna for safe-keeping. With the events that happened in New York, Samantha draws Viktor Smith to work for her as her bodyguard.  The two develop a new Alternate ID as members of the Interpol and quietly work on finding a way to make their way to Venice and search for more information on the Giovanni.  

3 Years Pass...

Jeremiah Ash is at Venice, Italy with Marco Giovanni.  The Giovanni shows him an underground fighting ring hidden in a club.  He watches as the mortals attack each other on a supposed bid for freedom.  But clearly the vampires in the audience are here to see blood get drawn.

Outside the club, Antonio Ruiz searches for his contact.  Leila Monroe had given him the mission to locate a missing ductus known as the Collector of Secrets, and she reminded him to bring home one of those magnets, "The one with the canals I already have those..."   Antonio has trouble finding the contact, however, and learns of the underground fighting ring from another cainite in the room who was also waiting for a friend.  Antonio sees Jeremiah and Mario Giovanni leave and considers his options.


By the harbor, Diana Chevalae and Viktor Steiner of the Interpol are monitoring a warehouse called Rosaleo and planning their move.  Samantha and Viktor have formed new identities as members of the interpol to help them in their plans to infiltrate the Giovanni.  Through their connections, they've learned that packages were supposedly being transported to a specific warehouse.   With the use of Dominate and well-timed Obfuscate, the two take control of the warehouse and gain control of Paul DiCarlo, the young Giovanni who is handling the smuggling.  


Soon, things come to light as the four learn in their own way that the Giovanni have a huge event planned in the coming days.  A "family reunion" as the term goes.  And from what is suggested, the infamous Augustus Giovanni himself will be in attendance.

There is talk of re-enacting the events of The Last Supper, with special Kindred from all over the world invited as guests to the said event.  Jeremiah Ash discovers he is to be one of these said guests.


In some nondescript Apartment which had become a safehouse, Samantha Fletcher and Viktor Smith find that the suitcase which the Giovanni were planning to transport contains a wooden frame that keeps it sealed.  After Thaumaturgically securing the location with Wards, the two opt to break open the case and check what is inside.

Powder.  Powder pours out of the broken container, and this powder a figure springs forth hungry and confused.    The two soon learn the ravenous cainite turns out to be a woman called Marianna who is uncertain if they are all simply elements of her unending nightmare.  She panics, fearing something she calls the Collector and goes frantic upon seeing a pigeon by the window.  "They found me!" she screams before falling back asleep.


A flashback.  Marianna stares at a blonde woman who insists she helps.  She is forced to cooperate with the Giovanni, only to be nearly destroyed.  It is only her knowledge of a forgotten Discipline that she survives by crumbling into ashes.

She struggles to grasp if she is awake.  The cities she knows to have been destroyed supposedly still stand.  The world seems to move forward with no recollection of the Time of Judgment she endured.  And worse, she sees the mirrors are still around.  She shatters them in fear.

She convinces the others she needs to get out.  To understand.
To breathe.


Fletcher starts studying the fragments that they had acquired from the warehouse.  The ritual draws her in, capturing her in rapt attention.   Neither of them know what the ritual is, but Samantha insists by studying it she should learn what it is.


April 4.
That was the day of the reunion.    Jeremiah and Marco speak at a cafe as Jeremiah asks more about his role as one of the "12."  He is told he is to represent a man called Wenceslas.   Having won answers from Marco for winning the bet in the fighting match, he asks Marco what he knows about what happened in New York city.

Marco admits most believe it was an Antedeluvian.  The Eldest of the Tzimisce.

Jeremiah asks what Marco would have done if he were in his shoes.  Marco admits a spat of envy.  "To be there... oh to be there," he mutters.


Marianna does not return.

The two opt to track her with the use of a Bloodstone which Samantha activates.  They stealthily make their way through the city to search for her.    But when the two find her, they see Jeremiah Ash there as well, as Marianna had started attacking a nearby shop for all its reflective surfaces.

And just as they draw Marianna away from the broken glass, soothing her with words to convince her there is nothing to be afraid, one of them catches the reflection remain staring even as the rest of them look away.

The reflection stares back, smiles, and holds a finger to its lips.

"Shush," the image dares to say.
Marianna may be right.

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