Thursday, March 20, 2014

In development: mem:RE - update

Good morning.


Do you remember your first name?

... Yes.  My name is Forge.

This is your Mission.  Please take note of every important detail.

I am to memorize all this?

As an agent, you have been selected precisely because you are capable of handling this operation.  Your capacity to memorize every necessary detail of the Mission is the simplest task ahead of you.

I see.

The following are your fellow agents.  Each of you may please state your names.




Got it.

Now remember, you only have three hours to succeed in the Mission.  Please check if your mem:RE device is functional.

I believe it is.

Formatting to commence in five, four, three...


No one knows about The Company.

Everyone benefits from their products and services but no one realizes they are all funding The Company.

I had begun writing the fluff portions of the game, but then I decided to take a stab at running a playtest of the game with some friends.  The session went well, however, it did expose portions of the system that I would want to tighten up and polish a bit more.

So rewrites of the game system will be necessary again.

Let you guys more on the game soon enough.

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