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System Shopped: The Centurions of Century Club - The 13th Age

The Centurions of Century Club
System Shopped: The 13th Age
by Tobie Abad

In Spirit of the Century, there exist special people known as the Centurions who are mostly part of a group called the Century Club.  In classic Pulp tradition, these individuals are gifted with skills and abilities that seem to exceed mortal ken.    Born on the turn of the century (much like the awesome characters Elijah Snow, Jenny Sparks and others in Wildstorm/Image comics' Stormwatch/Planetary), these long-lived people embody a particular "aspect" of the century.

For this system shop, we are translating them to The 13th Age.

Centurions will be represented as "a race" in the game.  While pretty much physically indistinguishable from a human, Centurions have certain differences that cannot be denied.

First of all, a Centurion is naturally long-lived.  Centurions are "intended" to have a lifespan of 100 years.  Barring murder, and external causes, Centurions do not get sick and only suffer from the negative effects of aging at the latter part of their lives.  This gives you a +2 Con bonus.

As a race, choosing Centurion means your character has been around much longer than most have. Unlike Humans who have learned an extra Feat, a Centurion instead has gained 4 extra Background points to allocate in character creation to represent having been around the block longer than most.

Finally, during character creation, the player may opt to be a Centurion of considerable age and get 4 MORE Background points to allocate OR an additional Feat.  For this bonus, however, the Centurion must add a +2 Icon rating to one Negative Icon that has noticed his growing power, and clearly hopes to use him in the future.  And that can only spell trouble.

So in summary:

Race:  Centurion
Bonus: +2 Constitution bonus
Long Lived:  +4 Background points

Optional: Longer Lived
+4 more Background points/+1 Feat
+2 to one Negative Icon

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