Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Been Busy

I apologize to my readers for the sudden slow flow of updates.  I've just been juggling a lot of things and my day job hasn't been making things easier (but don't get me wrong, the job is AWESOME!)  In a few days, my birthday is coming up too, which kinda has gotten me overly stressed out over so many other things.

But life is good, gaming is great, and to be honest, I still am scared to release my own game this year.  But with all the support, kind words, and enthusiasm my partner and our many friends continue to shower, I know I should go for it.

Anyway, I'll try to get the ink flowing and crank up on the gaming updates soon.
Ever since I started recording sessions on my phone, I've lessened my note taking.  But I've now realized that the phone doesn't capture everyone's voice that well, and this causes delays in transcribing them cause now I do not have notes on the sessions. :-(

Will find a perfect balance on that soon.


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