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The Promise : tremulus


The Promise


Teresa Hollister is played by JP
(The Devout)
Friendly, bright eyes, slim build.

Franklin Weed is played by Che
(The Heir)
Worn suit, plain, tired eyes, slim

Margaret Storm is played by Pepper
(The Journalist)
Formal clothes, refined face, probing eyes, energetic build

Herman von Clieff is played by Dario
(The Alienist)
Outdated formal clothes, plain face, inscrutable face, energetic build

The individuals are drawn to the events of Ebon Eaves for various reasons.  For some, it was a return home after a long absence because of property that needed to be bequeathed by the dearly departed.  For others, it was the opportunity for a story that awaited publicity.  For others, Ebon Eaves was home.

Ebon Eaves was an Old Community with a Tragic Past.  There was an event of mass murder in the town's hidden history, and many still whisper of the Old Ruins where supposedly dark rituals were practiced by a secret society.  The event was called the Night of Knives.  Children were all told to stay in the darkness, and wave knives in front of them until dawn came.  None knew exactly why.

Eventually, the group spirals closer as their narrative threads knot into each other.  Teresa finds herself bothered that Margaret Storm is spelunking into the town's hold history.  She also despises Herman von Clieff's presence whose loyalty to such an "ungodly" practice is openly discussed.

Storm, however, suffers from memory gaps.  She has horrible memories of a painting that moved.  Of skeleton warriors attacking a landscape.  Of people dying.  Of a promise.  When Storm makes a bid to escape the Asylum, the car accident that occurs forces all save for Teresa to gather at Dobbin's Home, a small place at the outskirts of the town, beyond the massive chasm that splits the town in half.

As more of the town's secrets are uncovered, the four soon realize that they are trapped in a reenactment of an old Promise to a great and might force - a supernatural force that demands sacrifices.  And as the three begin gripping knives and repeating the ritual of the past, they find themselves stalked by massive crab-like things that emerge from the chasm which has suddenly become flooded with salt water.

Teresa finds herself inheriting a new role to play for the next generation as the Promise passes on to her now to keep.  And continue.

Til the deep ones rise once again.

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