Sunday, June 22, 2014

Expanding my Horizons

So, I haven't been as active in blogging lately, compared to my almost every other day blog posting in the past.  This is due to many reasons including:

1) My dream job of being a Game Designer for Indigo Entertainment has taken a huge leap forwards in terms of scope, responsibility and activity.

2) Storium has opened up many more avenues for gaming as well.

3) Board games are becoming a much larger presence in our weekends.  And interestingly, I've been designing a few board games for work as well!

4) 24 hours per day is just never enough.

5) Writing my own game systems takes a lot of time.  I currently have the upcoming A World of Shadows contribution for Ben Woerner's A World of Dew kickstarter.  (By the way, thank you for mentioning me in the interview here! Woot! )  I am also revamping completely my Muses rpg concept as well as streamlining my super spy realtime memory game, mem:RE.   The other ideas will have to wait.

But given all that, I realize I might as well open up Tagsessions to also contain my reviews on board games which I really love.  With the presence of articles that combine board game elements or concepts and systems to your board games, it feels like a natural progression to give voice to my board game activities as well.  While I do create games for the iOS and android devices, as well as have a roster of games playable on web browsers, I think I should at least expand this blog to encompass all my table top gaming hobbies.

Hope you readers won't be opposed to reading about Galaxy Trucker, Pret-A-Porter and the like.
Even better, hope you find inspiration in such games as I have to enrich further your role-playing sessions!

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