Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Free RPG day!

I don't really have much to offer yet, save for the stuff I've made and posted here in Tagsessions.
For those who are interested, do check it out:

Kumiho of the Nine
Written as part of a Creative Pay It Forward thing I participated in last 2013, this is a game inspired by kdramas such as My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox ( This was written for my friend Dekya, who requested for it.    Check it out!

Neko Yume : Cat Dreams
Written also as part of the Creative Pay It Forward of 2013, this was inspired by Studio Ghibli movies and Miyazaki animated films.  This was written for my other friend, Jovan, who requested for it.  It was nice how this game did gain a small audience for a time.  I wanted to re-release it as a pdf on drivethrurpg, but I always worried if I could given its based on a copyrighted brand.
Check it out:

Survivor: The RPG
Again a product of the Creative Pay It Forward 2013, this was clearly based on the popular reality tv series as requested by my friend Ellis.  The game tries to stay as system-lite as possible to make it accessible to many non-gamers who love the show.
Hope you like it:

This was requested by another dear friend, Lynn, who wanted a game inspired by the anime Bleach for the Creative Pay It Forward 2013.  This tried to capture the subtle elements of the show and reintroduce them into a new setting without stepping too far from the source material.  
Check it out:

Adventure Time! the Role-playing Game
I actually made two kinds of Adventure Time role-playing games given the love I have for the show.  One version is lighter with more emphasis on the concepts than an actual system. The other tries to have a crunchier system, without being too overwhelming for the non-gamer.
Advanced RPG:
Simplified RPG

Finally, there are a LOT of free resources, game ideas, advice and tips in the blog.
The last thing you can do is SHARE the link to Tagsessions to your friends to generously spread the gift of gaming to them as well.

Happy Free RPG Day!

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