Monday, June 16, 2014

The Fate Companion : iOs app

The Fate Companion
Rating: ★★★★

So you have gotten into FATE?
You might want to plunk down a few bucks to get this app then to make character creation, and maintaining your character, including the stress tracks, your Fate points and Refreshes a breeze!

You a Paperless Person?
The FATE Companion is a solid app which players can use to keep track of their character sheets without needing to worry about bringing paper and pencils to your games.  Even more awesome, the app is a beaut to look at with large fonts for easy reading.

The app has a built-in dice roller for  convenience, and even allows you to save rolled dice for reference when need be.  The app allows you to create custom Aspects, Skills, Approaches and even Stress tracks.

Even more awesome, conversion between Fate core and Fate Accelerated is a breeze with this ap.  You can even export the sheet as a PDF when you want to.

So for all of you who love going paperless, this app is definitely worth checking out.

The Fate Companion
by Joshua Barron

by Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions

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