Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Game To Go!

So my current list of new games so far has the following:
1) Demon the Descent
2) Spirit of the Century
3) Tremulus
4) Wicked Heroes
5) Storium games
6) Fiasco : The Search for the Golden Panda playkit
7) The Letter: Fiasco Medici playkit
8) Dresden Files
9) Doctor Who : Adventure in Time and Space
10) Cthulhutech
11) Mouse World

I am now one single new game away from completing my 12 new games goal for this year.  Eleven games done and I'm pretty psyched that I just need one last game to hit this year's gaming dozen.  And thankfully, there has not been a shortage of players who want to try different games.  As to what game will be the twelfth, that remains to be seen.  Already, there are some that stand as the likely candidates.

There's Companions, the Doctor Who inspired game using the Apocalypse World engine.  The prospect of being able to run a Doctor Who game excites me.  And given how my partner, Rocky, has been running our Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space sessions, I'm happy to be a player in those games.  Companions would be a Dr. Who game I can run.

Then, there's the upcoming Dark Ages game by Vincent Baker.  Teasers have been shared in his site and my friend Erich has been sharing information about how cool the game will be.  From what I've seen, it reminds me of John Wick's Houses of the Blooded with a dash of the Apocalypse Engine and reminds me of shadows of Exalted's City and Mass combat systems.  And yes, for me, those are good things! I've shot out an e-mail hoping he's still accepting playtesters.

I'm a bit sad that the Orpheus and the Cthulhu games haven't been moving forward (oh schedules), but I'm happy at least they're being played.  My own games, mem:RE and A Single Moment are currently on hold given the workload I have to juggle, as well as the A World of Dew supplement I owe Ben Woerner (first draft submitted, but still editing the next version).  Got to proofread a bit for Jim Pinto, which by itself is an amazing feeling since I really love his Dominare board game and I'm pretty impressed with his Protocol Game series.  That would be another system to try to wean my players to try someday (Gods know it took a while for them to open up to trying Fiasco).

And yes, there's my deepest desire to finally see the supposed 2nd edition of Houses of the Blooded, which I have not heard more of in the months that have passed.  I've been supporting John Wick's Patreon publication, Wicked Words, and I will admit I feel sad to realize most of the Houses stuff that has been released there were actually already stuff in his old blog posts.  I guess I was kind of hoping for more new stuff, but I understand it can take time to write.   Crossing my fingers that the later Wicked Words release more Slumming and new Houses stuff.  The latest one was okay, but I will admit I'm really more there for more Ven happiness.

Still no concrete updates on Exalted 3rd edition, which is just sad.  Same with the I Am Zombie project, which is also sad.   But I'm crossing my fingers that both will have shining releases when the time comes.

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