Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 I am Ready for you!

Happy New Year everyone!

Time for another year of Tagsessions.  And time to start looking for people ready to take part in this year's 12 New Games for the Year challenge.  I already am anxious to get started on a few new games and have a lot on the burner waiting to be released.

2014 was a wonderful year for me.  In many ways it was the beginning of having larger contributions to the gaming industry, a path in my life that began with Giovanni Micolucci's Cartooner and Ginger Goat's Girls Elsewhere.  From there, more and more opportunities began to appear with kind folks like Ben Woerner who allowed me to take part in his Blood and Honor spin-off, World of Dew, by contributing to A Sound of Water, and Jim Pinto who has allowed me to help out in his Protocol series.    And with the closing of the year, I might actually have a chance to write for one of my idols, Mark Rein-Hagen who is releasing I Am Zombie very soon.

With the year comes the continuation of two ongoing game sessions, After the Rain (Houses of the Blooded) which has already hit twenty five episodes so far with our usual Sunday group, dollhouse (Orpheus) with the gang I used to have games with every weekend back when I was in the later part of my college years, and hopefully a few other possible sessions will also gain series status if the groups playing in them can work out their schedules.  I'll always owe my partner, Rocky, a huge debt of thanks for helping manage the schedules for the game sessions.  It still surprises me how some groups schedule for months ahead of time just to make sure they get to play.

Almost done with my second draft on A Single Moment. Playtesting went well, and I'm now just rewriting it to read better and be easier to grasp for new players.  Ben's suggestion that I read Stephen King's On Writing did supercharge the gears in my head to stop worrying too much on what I'll release and work instead on finishing it.   But 2015, I want you to be the year I finally have a work with my own by line.
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