Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Slides are Ready

I think I am ready for the weekend.
Been working on the Power Point presentation for the talk I am participating in this coming Sunday at Makati B&B.  The Game Masters Seminars is an awesome idea and I do hope this does become a monthly thing.  Always good to share what we have learned and discovered with others who love the hobby as well.

My dear friend Marc was uber kind in his write up for my segment of the talk:

Mood Building Ideas and Approaches
Facilitator: Tobie Abad
Topic: A rare opportunity to learn from one of the best there is in building dramatic atmosphere in tabletop RPGs!

Anyway, I've prepped the slide show and decided as well on creating a PDF to give away to the attendees so they can easily review the talk afterwards.  Here I am pushing towards 40 and I'm still feeling a bit of stage fright at the thought of people listening to me speak.

Ah, but to take part in more gaming related activities.  Here's to the dream this does lead eventually to larger scale conventions devoted to role-playing games and other table top happiness.  I'll share a link to the slides and the PDF in the future.

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