Tuesday, February 17, 2015

GM Seminar #2 Update!

This 22nd of February will be the second ever Game Mastering Seminar for the year.  With the success of the first one, we have gone full steam ahead in mapping out even more events to introduce new blood to the hobby as well as expand the horizons of all interested participants to the many forms of gaming out there and to the many ways the hobby can be enjoyed.

For this second Seminar, we have the following topics:

1. Using Filipino History, Culture and Myth in your RPG Games
Three designers of Filipino themed tabletop RPGs, will discuss how you could insert Filipino folklore, culture and myth into your game world, or how to look up information for these in your game!
Discussion Facilitators: BJ Recio, Marc Pozon Reyes, Fabs Fabon

2. Duty, Love and Honor
How to run the Legend of the Five Rings RPG to the fullest by using the social dynamics of Rokugan. Don't know what this is? Think you know what this game is about? Prepare to be surprised!
Discussion Facilitator: Jay Steven Uy Anyong

3. Encounter Design in Fantasy Roleplaying Games
An edition neutral panel on how to design combat encounters in any flavor of D&D and games similarly constructed.
Discussion Facilitator: Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa

4. Narrative Control: What it is and how to share it
Tobie Abad explores the story aspect of tabletop roleplaying games and how the story is narrated by both the players and the GM together.
Discussion Facilitator: Tobie Abad

5. GM Help Panel
A panel of GMs, including everyone who talked in the previous GM seminar, will offer their advice on YOUR problems as a GM. Problem players, game balance, player recruitment, rules questions etc, ask and a panel of veteran GMs will try to answer your question!
GM Help Panelists: Marc Reyes, Tobie Abad, Juan De La Cruz, Laurence Augustine R. Mingoa, BJ Recio, Jay Steven Uy Anyong

So it definitely will be an interesting night with what looks like a lot of topics to be discussed.  I'm excited to be part of this once more and do hope I help more people have the courage to step out of their comfort zones and explore gaming.

See you on Sunday!

As a bonus:

Here's Fab's impromptu video panel on Love and Gaming, shot at our very own Sietch Creare.  Unfortunately, I had to step away at one point to pick our dear friend Jovan from downstairs up to join us.  (We played Don't Rest Your Head as the first new game of my 12 New Games Each Year personal goal).


Yay to gaming and mixed approaches!
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