Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Belated Happy GM's Day!

My belated GM Appreciation day greetings go to the following:

To Ryan Mendoza who taught me to run games, and inspired me to start having my own style, thank you. I will never forget Shel Downwind, Paladin of Tymora.

To Rocky SunicoErwin Anthony Pilar NañesMahar Abrera Mangahas, and Adrian Martinez, thank you for running games for me as well. It is not often I be a player instead of the GM, but I do enjoy that role sometimes too.

And to that girl who ran a game for me at one Strategicon, who spent 90% of the time playing the game alone (to the point of telling us we were playing her pregenerated characters wrong, then proceeding to then monologue the five player scene alone, shushing us all cause we were doing it wrong), and to the upper classman from my schoolbus who allowed me very briefly to try a rpg for the first time before killing me with a volcano, thank you for giving me a glimpse of what I should never become and making me become a huge fan of my players.

Happy belated GM Appreciation day, everyone!

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