Monday, March 9, 2015

GM Seminar #2 another success!

Here's the stuff from the second GM Seminar.  I'm still behind in releasing the notes version of my talk, but the guys behind the event have released the video (and audio) captures so I thought it best to at least get those out so more can enjoy them.  

 (Egad my tummy has gotten HUGE! I have to stop eating all them donuts heheh)

I decided to talk about Narrative Control, given it was one of the big paradigm shift moments I had when I started to explore more indie role-playing games.  I'm happy that there were those who connected with the topic, and a few who had explicitly  expressed an interest in looking into expanding more their experiences with it.

And I will love them to bits despite Justin spelling my name wrong :-P

The awesome guys have created a channel to document all the talks every month.  Check out the rest of the videos here:

Among the many cool topics was the fun Gardo-centric discussions and for that we have BJ to thank.  For those who are not familiar with Gardo, however, I can only share this video as an idea as to why he came up.

GM Seminar Audio Only for those on the Go.
BJ and Fabs

Not in the picture is Mon, one of the erudite gamers who will be having his own talk in the coming March seminar, who shared a lot of good tips and ideas on gaming as well.    This March, things are still being organized, but I've shot out a poll for possible topics I can cover, and it looks like NPCs: Not Pathetic Caricatures will be the topic I'll cover this March.

(More pictures here:

Once again, special thanks to my partner, Rocky, who made sure to take photos during the event.  I really have to work on having the right amount of pauses for him to take better shots of me during the talk. :-P I keep looking like I'm on the verge of running away heheh.

See you guys there!

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