Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dreams Betwixt Walls ep01 : A Red and Pleasant Land

Dreams Betwixt Walls
Episode One
"For you, I will give a world."

A Red and Pleasant Land

A woman seeks out the dreams of her daughter to find eternal life.

A young man receives his first hat, and everyday it becomes more precious.

A dwarf struggles to keep his family intact amidst the forces of chaos.

A teacher finds herself pulled into the unreasonable histories that she teaches.

A daughter runs from her dreams and stumbles into the nightmares of Another.

“Dreams Betwixt Walls” is an adaptation of A Red and Pleasant Land, a story of Wonders and Vampires for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess game.  Our GM for the game is the Vampire Kitten's minion, BJ Recio, of Nosfecatu Publishing.

In this game, I play Vera Chernova, a 49-year old magic-user who worries about her age and her family's well-being.   She is spiteful and cruel and vicious, but deep inside her heart her daughter is the focus of her care, and her husband the sole thing she loves beyond herself.  I based her character on Missy, from Doctor Who, whose visual appearance I truly loved.    I felt she nicely captures the Victorian-Horror visual I wanted for a woman drive by fear and ambition.

Rocky plays Vidar, the dwarven husband of Vera, who cares and hopes to protect his family but tends to be bossed around by Vera.  He keeps close a chuck of unprocessed iron ore, which reminds him of his home.

Jon plays Ilya, Vera's daughter, who is the "Alice"  in the story.  She was friends with Hatta (Played by Fabs) who was pretty much terrified of everything.  They were both being watched over by Marsha (played before by Mira), the tutor, and all three were drawn into War Side after chasing after Archie, Ilya's pet rabbit who had run off into the garden.

Vidar and Vera panicked and sought to find her daughter, only to discover the gigantic mirror we had won in an auction from Transylvania turned out to be magical in nature, build by the Apuseni Dwarves.    The two leapt through the glass to discover a twisted reflection of their own home.  Eventually, the two chance upon Ilya, Marsha and Hatta, as the young servant boy, Martin, dies when something called the Guest emerges from within him.  The Guest was welcomed by the fish-headed bishop whom the others were speaking to.

The group broke into a run, hoping to find sactuary in the garden, and even beyond, the forest.  Though seemingly safe for now, they now wonder how they will find their way home.  Thankfully, Archie seems to have transformed into a talking bipedal rabbit named Archibald.  And he suggests there is a way to find safety, if they find a way to something called the Orb Loc.

Obsidian portal page.

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