Monday, July 27, 2015

July Gaming Seminar Report

So I was able to share with the group five indie games which I felt they should consider diving into.  I am happy to report that I've successfully got some people interested in trying out Apocalypse World, Bliss Stage, Houses of the Blooded: Blood and Honor, Lacuna - Part I, the Birth of Mystery and the Girl from Blue City, and Wield.

You can find the slide show link at The Garapata Repository.

Also successful were the games we ran during the event.
Jay was able to run a session of Steven Universe using the Cypher System of Numenera.  I wish I was able to play that in game.  Numenera is pretty awesome a system and it would have been cool to finally try it with Jay at the helm.
Mon ran the famous Gastronauts setting using FATE, the game concept which won last seminar's contest.    I can only image the indigestion I could have thrown others had I been in that game, hehe.
Marc was able to give people a taste of Apotheosis Drive X, the FATE big robot game which I admit I also wanted to watch, since while I've run FATE, I'm sure I could have learned more on how that game works.
And I had my five players for a one shot session of Blood and Honor.  My thanks to Jon (Tetsuo Morinaga) whose Samurai became the focal point of the story.  That was hopefully not too huge a shock to him given the game was his first ever role-playing game session.  Thanks extend as well to Phil (Kai), Patrick (Unagi), Adrian (Shiro) and Rocky (Ono) who played the roles of the Hatamoto, the Onmyoji, the Karo and the ever infamous Oniwaban.    (I may have misspelled the names, by the way, and I apologize for that.)

Here are some pictures from the event.

Special thanks to Rocky and to Rafael for the pictures.
I opted not to include the closer shots of people to avoid any privacy issues or concerns.
And bonus thanks to Ben Woerner for the Dragonfly dice and the Honor Go stones which looked pretty beautiful in our faux Japanese bowls.

May the Dragons that hide in Dungeons bless our August seminar.
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