Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Wardens ep03 : DC Heroes

The Wardens
Episode Three
"The Cookie Crumbles"

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

The Wardens are contacted by Ren Takenoko of ArmsCorp when they discover that one of the children who died in the prison escape turns out to not actually be dead.  The young girl named Lisa turns out to be an artificial life form.  The group, nervous to be invited into the company's technical center, meets with the robot and learns of an unexpected story:  Lisa used to work in a place called Le Chateau d' Univers, an entertainment hub for children to explore virtual worlds.  She had encountered another child who seemed very different from the rest.  And the two found themselves connecting in a way neither ever knew.   The group recalls the young boy, Franklin, who had become Mister Peanut during the fight.  They realize the transformations have to do with the cookie buttons that they are wearing: a form of Futuretech which even Apollo is uncertain how to react to.  They are hard light transmitters which allow them to change and gain a whole new set of abilities.  When the question of what happens to a "robot" who clearly desires freedom is raised, they learn that Ren himself feels it would be better if no one was aware of the robot's existence.  Luckily, the security systems of the facility are down that night and while Apollo worries this may be a ploy of Mason Armstrong, none of them realize it is actually because Mason is actually meeting with people he would rather prefer were kept out of the public eye.

The group then reluctantly escorts Lisa to reunite her with Franklin, who had been placed in a home since the events of the prison escape.  They meet a terrible matron in charge of the place, who seems a tad too religious rather than sensible. Reliquary contacts  Conrad to drive over and bring some clothes for Lisa, as well as a massive wooden rosary ornament to gain the matron's favor.  The group decides to follow the trail to Le Chateau d' Univers  but realizing the two kids might have plans of their own, Buzz is assigned to stay and watch them.  Trace teleports the rest to the address of Le Chateau d' Univers.

At Le Chateau d' Univers, Reliquary and Trace consider their options on how to sneak into the building.  Reliquary decides he will need to change clothes for a disguise, and the two teleport back to Reliquary's home.  While gone, El Teniente and Apollo realize they need to act.  El Teniente dismisses his armor, and tries to sneak inside as a customer, while Apollo stays in touch using the headset.  Inside, El Teniente however discovers how immersive the games actually get in Le Chateau d' Univers as he teams up with a few kids (as El Teniente, video game version) to fight against Evil Robot Cowboys.  Reliquary and Trace return to learn El Teniente is already inside and quickly try to sneak in as well.  Apollo and Trace sneaks around, eventually with Apollo staying at the Server room to see what he can do, while Trace investigates the main office.  There, she learns of Ray Princeton, a man who used to study under Mason Armstrong during his younger years.  Ray is the creator of the robot, Lisa, but never expected her to choose to run away.  The gun he had used to "shoot her" was actually meant to simply wipe out her memory banks and reset her.  No one expected her to impossibly still retain feelings for the boy.  Trace finds herself soon face to face with the Mirror-masked man, who she realizes is probably Ray Princeton, only to realize they are not alone in the room.  The Question is there.  And his actions against Princeton are with a brutality that makes the kids cringe.

Buzz and Conrad, Reliquary's right hand man, continue to watch over the orphanage only to notice a car which has repeatedly stopped, and then drive away from the building.  When Buzz opts to try to chase it and find out who is in it, they find a card with a warning instead left for him.  They realize the car isn't watching the kids nor the orphanage, but Buzz himself. And the people turn out to be The Eye.

While El Teniente and Trace fights against the solid light holograms, which they realize no longer have safety switches on, Princeton attempts to escape by leaping away on rainbow hard light trails which he skates on.  He does not anticipate Buzz leaping after him to take chase, and the Question landing on Buzz's yellow swarm to join the rush.  With Buzz' help, the Question is hurled forward and shatters Princeton's foot, forcing him to the ground.  Buzz returns with the unconscious crook, only to find Le Chateau  burning, and the rest of the team already helping out those who had to escape the building.    Lives have been saved and the crook is taken away by the paramedics.  The Wardens decide to call it a success.

They learn later on, however, that both Lisa and Franklin have run away.   Buzz sneaks a visit to Lucita and finds the Eye's car parked outside.  He overhears a conversation between Lucita's Abuela and a mystery man and realizes she is part of the Eye network.  And in the end, Mason Armstrong's legal team arrives to show documentation proving Ray Princeton's work was done using Armstrong's machines during his tenure under Mason's company... and thus they have the legal right to claim it all.

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