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After the Rain ep31 : Houses of the Blooded

After the Rain

Episode Thirty One

Houses of the Blooded


Dalvinosh stresses the threat that exists represented by Lady M.  He has called for the generals to prepare and swear an oath to him.  He calls for Gillian to come to him earlier, rather than borrowing her during the Winter Season.  All wolves are required to join as Blood Generals. Rio is reinstated as the most publicly known general and allowed to have an army and has a voice among the Valerajan.  Younger tulpa are found in many provinces.  The older version of these tulpa however are missing.

Cass was not present at the Senate - no one really notices her absence however.  Rio manages to move Lyra Dru as her attache.  The temple of the Hearth Mother has become a staging ground.  And while the Foxes and Serpents secretly do not support Dalvinosh, they have begun to see Cassalanter as a possible figurehead/voice.  She, however,has ceased to "hear" Galeo's voce in her head.

Ash hopes to visit Jalani to learn more about the "Canaldenere" which he realizes may actually be Q'naldinir of legend.   He waits for Norene to visit and when she arrives, learns that the Totem Rex has approved his request to visit.  They make plans to leave immediately.  Cass joins in rather impulsively with Nolwen, who allows her one gift she can choose.  They arrive and discover they are standing on a glass floor where a vast forest can be seen below.  Empty frames float around them in the chamber, like orphaned paintings.  The walls of the dome are made of orichalcum.  Cass looks further and finds Jarik's old castle below them as well!  The garden in the courtyard, it seems, looks like a map from above.  Looks like Nolwen's city only visits when it is Summer, which is when the garden is a bloom and the map is visible.

Rio is listening to Dalvinosh's speech in the Senate.  Jesse notes that Cass is missing.  Dalvinosh declares that the Valerajan will act on the council, one which Dalvinosh himself will not be part of.  Rio, along with four others, are allowed to overrule Dalvinosh's decisions at any time.  The Earl of the Wolves volunteers all Wolves as part of the Swords.  The Q'val of Althea Thorne is called in - he is asked to pray to Althea for when the army travels to other Shanri.  They declare that the staging grounds will be in Bastion, Janine's land which houses Nerea's temple.    Jesse points out that Rio's service to Cass must end, but Rio doesn't care.  Dalvinosh watches them silently.

Gillian is in a caravan when she remembers the moment Kether spoke with her.  Apparently, Uvanla's personality and directive is all his.  Kether says he knew her mothers, and that they must leave their fortress.  Gillian says she will help him if he allows her to marry Uvanla.  He is surprised at her, even impressed, but she admits it is convenient.   Uvanla arrives, and Kether pretends to be one of the Veth and moves away.  The two leave, flirting as they walk off.

The Senate makes a motion to dismantle all temples of the Suaven to show their disappointment.  Rio says the effort is a waste.  Someone proposes that all provinces with a shrine should disassemble one of them.  The Long Winter prophecy is mentioned.  A man had been appearing, saying there will be three years of Winter.  Dalvinosh announces that the Senate will help anyone who wants to make Silos.  Maja Thayl talks to the Senate, here to claim the land of Amon Rabbas.  She says she believes Amon poisoned himself.  Rio suggests to Jesse to give more people to the lands of Jarik.    A Galeo Silja has been Blooded - she is the daughter of the pair which Galeo adopted in the past - the sister to her adopted son.  She claims the Citadel as the land, and she's interested in watching some land for them if they are leaving.

Ash arrives on the landing of Q'naldinir.   Apparently, there is a House of Cats and Wasps.  Apparently, all ven here live in the one and only castle.  The door in is unlocked by blood. Apparently, they are only close by during Summer.  Nolwen and Cass talk and she learns they believe their City is our Sun.  The Totem Rex, however, is not of any House.  The Elk, it turns out to be Jalani, is the only Elk in Q'naldinir.  The glass floors were Totem Rex' request, a desire to be able to look down upon the others.  To them, Cass is only Ruk, and Ruk are only companions to the Houses.  Apparently, the ven in the city are servants, creations to serve them.  Nolwen is of the House Falcon, and the only Falcon.  The hierarchy is strangely different in Q'naldinir.  Ash too is seen as veth in this land.  They are greeted by Jalani, who is shocked to see her son, James.  He does not recognize her, however.  Dismayed by his lack of an arm, they talk and he insists his name is Ash Jalan.  Jalani asks about Jesse.  He suggests casting the Rose, but she admits it doesn't work here.   Around her are paintings of Jalani's old life.  She explains how here, the ven are people Blooded to become Vassals.  Being Veth are their natural Bloodright.  Nolwen sees Cass as pure of blood, and thus she is Ruk.  He gives her a ven to be Blooded under her service.  Nolwen Bloods the man there and then, and the man is declared Ven.  Nolwen calls Cass his "Dragon" and when Cass asks to make one of her own, he says that is up to the Totem Rex.  Cass also asks to meet Jalani.  

Rio arrives at Dalvinosh's castle and is invited to dinner  They talk of today's Senate hearing and Rio admits she felt the clamor was a waste of time.  She explains that she does not disagree that the armies are necessary - but she does not see that war as requiring her service.  Dalvinosh asks about Gil - Rio says she requires Gil in her army for her ability to speak to Orks.  After all, Rio wants to lead an Ork army.  Gillian arrives and is also made to sit.  Dalvinosh tells them a story - a castle with two women ruling the throne, and their desire to have children.   How both women began to move unaware that the other was seeking the same thing.

Dalvinosh is here to find a successor - he tells Gillian that she must protect Rio.  Rio points to Theia, the other sibling.  Dalvinosh is flabbergasted that Rio is not her daughter.  Szaz is called in to be scolded for her faulty intelligence.  Dalvinosh hits her, angry.  He asks Gillian if it is her - Rio says the "twins" don't know their sires.  Dalvinosh demands for Rio to blind Szaz' remaining eye.  Rio does so with a fork.  Dalvinosh admits if they need her to ever have eyesight, they will find a way.

Dalvinosh demands for Gillian to bring Theia to Dalvinosh by Autumn, or else Rio will not leave for the war.  Rio is displeased.
Jalani asks about Jarik - Ash deflects.  She recognizes Jess's Sorcery on him.  Apparently, time passes moe slowly here in Q'naldinir since there are no days and nights.  They talk about Jesse and Rio.  Nolwen takes Cass through a Village, where "ven" children run around.  Cass arrives at Jalani and Ash's meeting.  Nolwen comes in and draws his spear.  Jalani also keeps a blade at ready.  It seems that Nowlen wants to kill Jalani so that Cass can take her place as Elk.  Jalani's dagger is almost identical to Ash's.  Cass tries to stop the fight, and would instead be happy to be Nolwen's Dragon.  Cass says they can find another way - Jalani and Nolwen panic as the Totem Rex speaks through the ven.  He questions the gall that someone would seek to usurp him.  Cass plays dumb to the accusation.  The Totem Rex allows Cass the chance to learn their ways and terms.  She will be allowed to meet the Dragon, and learn from her.    Jalani must present Ash to the Totem Rex... as her son, James.  The Totem Rex declares his name as Cherno.  

Dalvinosh leaves - Szaz says that now her debt to Janine and Nia is paid.  She had their help in spiriting Jarik away.  Rio says that the only reason why she didn't kill Dalvinosh is because she needs his influence, but Szaz points out that Dalvinosh needs her more.  Szaz says the place where they found Ash has been empty of Suaven.  Szaz says the place where they found Ash has been empty of Suaven.  Szaz says Dalvinosh mistakes the threat for the other Shanri - but he looks in the wrong direction.  They are being replaced because they are being rescued.  Rio and Gillian bicker - Rio mentions the Wicked Ones.

Jalani is confused about Jarik - Ash and Cass both deflect.  Jalani thinks it was Madelyn?  Jalani gets upset when she finds out that Madelyn is Younger.  It appears that she has learned the ritual that Dalvinosh uses.  Jalani hints for Cass to use the Blessing, Invisible Tongue - and she gives more hints of the unrest.  This is a city of the Sorceror-King.  

Their visitor arrives.  The Dragon of the Totem Rex.  Ash and Cass stare at Galeo, the Dragon of Q'naldinir.  She smiles and stares at Cass, finding her familiar, but not knowing who she is.

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