Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dreams Betwixt Walls ep04 : A Red and Pleasant Land

Dreams Betwixt Walls
Episode Four

"T, A Drink with Jam and Bread"

A Red and Pleasant Land


Somewhere, Gods play Chess.  And as the moves are made, the forces of "Good" win as the pawn and a knight are taken.    The group finds itself encountering the puzzling nature of the hedge maze.  All have vague recollections of what transpired before arriving here.  And worse, events remembered and lived dance a confusing dance of facts and misremembered moments.    For some there seem to be something stalking them in the maze.  For others, they are travelling outside the maze, searching for the others.  People play games and animals cry in pain.  The perplexing nature of the land vexes the group.

Some encounter Mister Hatta, who was once a friend oddly remembered, but now has become a man whose age shifts with every moment and conversation.    The tea time however becomes a confrontation, however, when Vera outsmarts Mr. Hatta regarding the concepts of time and possibility, using the watch Ilya had offered her to misdirect Hatta's focus.  She stresses the fact that he cannot control nor see the past, he is in no position to make more meaningful pronouncements.

Vera, however, reminds herself of her dealing with Jack.  The two have shared discussions on how the land might best be ruled by someone else.  And Vera makes a deal with Jack that she would help her change the ruler of this strange land if in exchange she helps ensure the safety of her daughter.

Oh the things a mother does for the safety of her only daughter.

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