Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Single Moment sent for release approval

And the files are off!
Here's hoping that within the next few hours the files will both be approved for release and finally be listed online as available.

Here's hoping people like it!
All I can do now is continue working on my next few projects, which include:

a) An Adventure Time inspired RPG for younger audiences
b) The stretch goal files I owe a certain Kickstarter
c) The freelance writing stuff I owe certain pirate nations.
d) The drag queen fishiness Fiasco playkit.
e) The Ghibli inspired cat game.
f) The multiple perspective horror monsters supplement.
g) mem:RE
h) Muses

But yes, this is my birthday gift to myself.  I've had a remarkable birthday so far and I'll squeeze in time later today to write a post about it (just have one last celebration to have with my family this time) later today.   Anyway, back to work, Tobie.
Back to work.

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