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The Company 3rd Song ep05 : Dungeon World : Roll20

The Company, 3rd Song

Episode Five

The morning breaks the darkness as a sign of hope.   Hollis has been awake for hours earlier. He had offered prayers to Sona and they were received well. Healing magic came.  And through it, Hollis helped his exhausted and battered Company back to good health.  Brother Fabio, like Hollis, was awake as well. His focus, on the other hand, were the women with them. Both Liadan and Lady Cassandra had their own set of secrets to hide, it seems.

Hollis walks around the perimeter of the camp, a small makeshift shelter by the edge of the mountain. Still hidden from the elements, the place was secure enough. He finds the young Elf sitting on the snow, staring at Onodol. "Will you be joining us inside the city?"  Alv turns, surprised to hear a voice behind him. The young elf smacks into the snow as he stumbles to pull his massive sword from the snow.  Hollis almost breaks into a laugh when the Elf plunges into the snow face first.  The elf throws Hollis a scowl. Hollis admits he didn't mean to startle him and apologizes as he helps the Elf up.  Alv spits at the ground in spite.  He clearly does not like Clerics.  They talk about Onodol being a city for humans... and clerics, and despite Alv's efforts to drag the huge sword, he seems more aware now of the Cleric gawking at him.  While Alv goes to wake the others, Hollis calls to his deity for guidance.  In response, the symbol of his faith appears.  It is hovering over Liadan.

Alv comes up to Gaius and begins shaking him awake. The young elf almost rubs his nose against Gaius'' cheek as he wakes him. Zig hears the skittering and opens his eyes. He sees the young elf almost on top of the fighter. Zig realizes the elf is merely waking the fighter up. Although perhaps its some kind of elven thing to.. sniff... the other? Zig rises, and sees Fabio with the women already cleaning up the camp and gathering things. He sees Hollis cutting himself, a small sacrifice offered, then returns to the camp. The offering is received as Hollis finds his eyes drawn to the snow; a white delicate spider clambers up his boot. but then the wind blew and it turned into mist.  Zig climbs a tree to scout the vicinity for any possible threats.

"Alv...Where are we? Last I remember you and I were speaking at the exit from Athgnor. That fight must've taken more of me than I thought!" Alv grins at Gaius. "You have name. For me. Yes?"
Up on the tree, Zig looks around and sees no immediate threats.  The gates of Onodol are open. People are active in the area, moving to and fro. Gaius tells Alv that he needs not worry and that he has a name, "I name you “AEGIDIUS” (It means “young ram” in the tongue of Angerona). I pat my bull’s-head shield. The bull is fierce and strong, but the ram is quick, crafty and brave.  ” Alv smiles. He likes his new name.  Lady Cassandra comes up to you all. She hands the packed stuff to Fabio.  Lady Cassandra announces they are ready to leave and the soonest they get into civilized lands, the best.   Liadan growls about how some never have outgrown their need for wealth and buildings.  Gaius worries for his tiny pet and finds him nestled in his shirt, tired from the combat as well. Chaeron tells them that they should receive new orders once they arrive.  But all know that Onodol does mean the end, at last, of their quest.

Many buildings are in the state of construction. it isn't even repair. Its reconstruction.  People are beautifying their homes. Sellers hawk trinkets, food, and wares. Music can be heard playing from some homes. The sensation is surreal. After travelling through war-torn landscapes for weeks, and seeing burned down homes and death.....they all feel bothered at the sudden peaceful world around them. Hollis mutters how its like the war never got here. Merchants offer their wares as they pass.  Gaius keeps his senses alert, however, untrusting of cities and the deception they can hide.

Staying close to Liadan, Hollis notices she seems to stare at the children running around. She seems shocked to see them so carefree. Gaius feels angry. He doesn't sense any particular threats. But he feels angered knowing the struggle of others in towns like Donir.  And worse, there is a parade.  They learn that visitors from the faraway kingdom of Vizet are present: the Iron Bride and the Red Child. With their arrival, the group watches the Iron Bride as she leads the parade; a woman moving in what appears to be full plate armor.  A thick furred-shoulder coat keeps her warm. The red child is a short figure in red robes. Two smaller figures carry the Red Child's train from behind.In Vizet, all are permitted to challenge each other in ritual combat. The title of the Iron Bride has not changed ownership in years. Lady Cassandra shares that the Red Child is said to be an immortal, founder of Vizet.  They are only rumors, however. Hollis shares he has heard that the Red Child has an ageless body and it could be from some kind of dark magic.  These are all rumors, of course.  Chaeron guides the group away from the streets, making their way deeper into the city. They arrive at the Grand Archive and find Brother Fabio actually already there. He welcomes them all inside and shows them to a waiting chamber.  Chaeron whispers to the group to never tell anyone of the "Package" they have brought with them.  There, they discover their contact turns out to be the very ones at the parade.  

The Iron Bride removes her helmet, revealing a strong scarred face.  Named Ilyanna Svagth, the Iron Bride admits she did not expect a full Company.  As initial introductions are made,  the Red Child remains silent as he stares at them.  None can see past the white mask he wears.  The Lord of the City then arrives, shoving the doors aside as he walks in. His bulk is immense, perhaps around 300-400 pounds.  Govenor Duune, the Lord of Onodol, addresses them directly and claims that both are present because he requested for them.  Govenor asked for the Iron Bride to be present for the Package's protection.  And the Lords of the Alliance have agreed to the importance the Package holds.  "It is a means to end the War."

But it is then that Zig notices that the temperature in the room is dropping. There is a sudden coldness growing in the room. 
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