Sunday, May 29, 2016

Game Closet 4 - I'm in a podcast!

The Riverhouse Games has very kindly featured me on their Game Closet podcast.   Gaaaah, why do I sound so nasal. And yeah, I was so nervous I kept chatting and chatting and talking on and on hahaha!  

Here's the write-up on the episode:
Hello friends! And welcome to another great episode of the Riverhouse Games Podcast. We’re doing another Games Closet episode this time, talking to a super cool designer from Manila named Tobie Abad. Tobie has a super cool game out now called A Single Moment, about two Samurai facing off and the road that led them there. I talk to Tobie about the gaming scene where he lives in the Phillipines, what it was like writing Samurai games, and how to use Romantic Comedies to make your games better.

Thank you again so much for having me on it, Taylor.
Listen to the podcast today!

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