Monday, May 23, 2016

More A Single Moment love!

So first, here's the artwork by Chris, as inspired by She's a Super Geek's A Single Moment session.  This was the finale scene in their game session.  Thank you so much for creating this, Chris!

It means a huge lot to know people are trying my game and having fun!  Thank you so much for tweeting about how much you've enjoyed A Single Moment, guys.  I only hope to be able to write even more fun games for you all to enjoy.


Thank you so much, Phil and Glenn!

Which makes me really consider what direction I want it to take in the future.  I currently have plans for a companion/supplement book, and I also have the offer to consider.  A lot of this is really overwhelmingly unbelievable right now, given I just really got started in writing stuff at this new professional level.

Gotta tell you, its a wild ride!   And its great feeling all the love the community is willing to give.
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