Sunday, May 1, 2016

Updates on A Single Moment and other stuff

So one week has passed for A Single Moment.
So far, we've had an admirable number of sales.  I am anxious to find out how people find the game. So far, I've only found a few responses online from people who have given me the kindest words.

Daniele Di Rubbo posted print outs of the Virtue, Key Cards and Characters on Google Plus. It was quite touching to see the image and I asked his permission to post it here as well.

He has even mentioned that there are plans to try running the game with his friend, Davide, at the upcoming IndieCon on the second week of May.  That is for certain going to at least get the game on more people's radar.

Progress slowly continues on Dreamscrapers, the Adventure Time-inspired game, as well as on the other projects I have on my desk.  Neko Yume's indie release is getting delayed as the artist is too busy with other projects.  I'm reworking also some of the other brand-inspired stuff to stand on their own as new game systems.     And there's the freelance work for.. a certain Pirate game. :-D It is truly a only-in-my-dreams situation that has come true and I am still trying to embrace the fact that this is happening.  And while there have been recent shifts in our circle of friends , there have also been the birth of new avenues that may lead to even more awesome things.

Life remains exciting and great!
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