Monday, July 4, 2016

12 New Games Update for 2016

Twelve New Games for 2016 Updated
1) Pocket Odysssey
2) Marvel Heroic Role-playing Games
3) Fiasco: Bookhounds
4) Wield
5) #TagRPG
6) Mutant City Blues
7) 7th Sea, second edition
8) Curse of the Yellow Sign #3

This month, I have plans for a demo game of Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine to become the 8th game for my twelve.  In the running for the next four include Exalted 3rd edition, Pugmire, Pendragon and maybe even a Project: Dark session.  While there's still a lot of time, there admittedly has been less opportunities to run games with other groups.  But that's okay.  Time has been devoted more now to writing, with a lot of coming opportunities at the horizon.

Here's hoping I don't fail to hit my goals this year.

There is something promising however... which I do hope will be made clearer soon!  The podcast should be up eventually.  And maybe a few announcements in the future.  *crosses fingers*

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