Friday, July 29, 2016

Reflections has Kenneth Hite!

With still 20 days to go, Reflections has broken the 10k mark which means Kenneth Hite, the mastermind behind the Gumshoe System, the author of the Suppressed Transmissions column, and the of lovely World of Darkness books such as the Cainite Heresy and the fantastic Mage: The Sorceror's Crusade, has been unlocked as one of the guest writers for the game.  Up next, at 12.5k is John Wick. Man, to have John Wick write for something I inspired.   That would be super multiple shades of awesome.

While Reflections is not my baby, I still feel tremendously happy to see the success the game has gotten.  While it moves towards narrative gaming more than A Single Moment, it still shares much of the structure and idea behind the game (with the starting scene framing the final fight, then working back towards it with multiple smaller scenes).  I've seen some comments about getting inspired to play the game using Avatar the last Airbender and the like and I will admit I feel a bit sad these same people never discovered ASM earlier, I do still feel happy that they will nonetheless have a free copy of my game as a reward and have the option to play either version of the rules they desire.

I feel sad though that locally, no one has really taken notice as far as local bloggers are concerned of this success.  One would think there would be some joy in seeing a local game designer being part of a game that's gaining some notice, but I guess everyone's just focused on other geek stuff - there are a lot of news coming out after all with the San Diego Comic Con and all that jazz.   I wouldn't like to think no one thought to celebrate it.  I first noticed the silence after landing a gig writing for 7th Sea, 2nd edition.  But I took it as merely a matter of the word not spreading out as much yet.  Now, I'm not quite sure anymore.  Maybe there are other elements involved.  Or maybe people just don't like me.

Anyway, I guess things will just be clearer upon reflection.   As far as I'm concerned, I'm celebrating.  My friend Meloy put it nicely when she reminded me to just celebrate and be proud of what I've achieved.  In the end, I'm celebrating facts.
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