Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Third Act Publishing has launched the Kickstarter for Reflections, a two-player RPG about samurai that will duel to the death.    If that sounds familiar, that's because Jim McClure's passion for samurai games is taking my tiny work called A Single Moment to a whole new direction and evolution.

The project has already hit 40% in barely a few hours since the launch.  And I'm excited to see if it hits the higher tiers where gaming idols of mine such as John Wick, Kenneth Hite, and Ben Woerner take a stab and write for the game too.  Who would have thought people I looked up to in the gaming industry would someday be possibly writing for something that got inspired by my own work?

So yeah, if you want to support the project please head on down to Kickstarter and do so today!

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