Saturday, July 2, 2016

S.O.M.A. ep01 : Wield


Episode One


The three Vatcha in the game are the following:
Obsidia, a silver round palm mirror who seeks to destroy all other Vatcha that exist.  Once wielded by one of the bloodline Siduk watches over, Obsidia has caused the death of the former Herald of Magic which Aspethe seeks to empower.   Obsidia has Domain over Darkness, Death and Destruction.  This is played by Jeff.

Siduk, a pewter bowl that seeks to protect the Bloodline of their creator, has once been sold at an auction at the same time as Obsidia and has accidentally caused the death of Aspethe's former wielder when he used his powers to bring about the floods.   Siduk holds Domain over Water, Creation and Life.  This is played by Marvin.

Aspethe is a twin-snake stattuette that desires to find the next Herald of the Age of Magic.  Aspethe has once helped Siduk win a war against the armies of Obsidia and has even killed Obsidia's original wielder.  Aspethe has Domain over Air, Animals and Light.  This is played by Rocky.

The game is set in a world very similar to Earth, but with events spread out across various eras. From the Past, the timeline moves to the Creation of the Vatcha, the Rise of Magic, the War of Ink, the Silence, the Fall of Magic, Today, the Seasons of Mist and Tomorrow.  Each player has their sessions primarily at a specific era, but as the narrative progresses, the other players may get involved with events from various eras.


Solania, a Librarian (played by Marvin) stands in the rain, waiting at the station for Muth, a man with a grey beard and spectacles, to receive her.  She had been hired by some noble family to translate some ancient document.  During the ride, the two discuss about the rarity of people who are skilled enough in reading and how "boring" the activity can be.  Muth is not aware that Solania is the wielder of Obsidia, nor how the Vatcha's interference had stripped Solania from her destiny to become Born with Magic.  She tends to be Slow and Steady, a Pathological liar, and has a Fondness for jewelry.  She currently also has her Sturdy Umbrella.

Solania arrives at the Scriptorium, a massive structure with hundreds, if not thousands of old tomes, scrolls and books.  She learns that the fourth floor has been entirely closed off for her to stay in.  She soon learns her patrons hired her to translate the entire fourth floor!    Obsidia is excited at the prospect of learning more information about other Vatcha and convinces Solania to do so.  In a few hours, they learn that there were eight Vatcha in existence: Four were created to clash against the other four.  And that of the two other Vatcha Obsidia had encountered in the past, the fourth was a blade that was meant to complete them.  When Muth returns, hoping to be of service to her, Solania uses Obsidia's granted powers to cause him to feel pain in his chest, and convinces him with lies that he was having a seizure. This distracts Muth long enough for Solania to begin planning how to steal the books.

Seasons of Mists
At the Seasons of Mists, the war against the Fae continue.  Pearl, a fortune-teller, checks if her Dagger remains secure under her clothing, along with Aspethe.  Though Prone to Gambling, Indecisive and Seductive, Pearl once had the destiny to Start The Revolution To Free Her People.  She is reading the fortunes of a general heading to the front line, but is uncertain how to tell him the negative details she is seeing. Pearl accidentally speaks aloud about her people, so the General asks about them. Even to the point of talking about the "herald." Before he leaves, he asks if Pearl has connections with the "unpeople", a term they use to refer to elves and other magical creatures.

Pearl and Aspethe discuss the need to leave as soon as possible.  Pearl searches for a way to leave the town using transportation, feeling a caravan would be better. She visits her people to ask about leaving but realizes that some people have begun to not trust her.  It seems there have been some kids who witnessed her speaking to animals in the past. The Gypsy elders are worries about her and ask her to meet with them.  They sense a great destiny in her path, but sense it is somehow being... barred.  When Pearl admits having one of the Vatcha, they become tremendously concerned and worry if it has seen their faces.  Aspethe speaks through Pearl's mouth, telling them he sees them and will remember them.  They warn her the Vatcha have no friends, but Pearl insists it can help them free their people. They argue on the safety of Pearl and their people.

Fall of Magic
At the Fall of Magic, Buck, a merchant, is looking for a town.  Buck is a Greedy, Impatient, and Ambitious man who was once destined to become the Merchant King.  He currently wields Siduk and worries as he realizes there seems to be too many hunters seeking magical things in the streets.  He encounter with an elf and a tall half-breed, who openly share with him their plan to go to a labyrinth beneath the town for some important reason, as if suggesting he should come with them.  Siduk and Buck argue about control and powers, and the merchant eventually opts to get a lantern.

Siduk and Buck argue once more, with Siduk obsessing over finding more information about the other Vatcha.  Siduk, however, suspects there may be information to be gained from the two.  Buck constantly talking to Muriel, the pack donkey he owns, whenever he addresses Siduk as to make others in the vicinity not suspect anything.   Buck finds the elf and the half-giant and the group goes to an Inn to enjoy the food and drink there.  Buck suspects that the two planned to kill him in his sleep. Or were planning to try to get him drunk.  The three talk much about the Iron Empire, and how he seeks to control or force away magic.  The elf uses a small round device to display this blurring wave around them. Amos and Nurid are their names, and the round device is "the Silence Room" which mutes their noise in silence to onlookers and eavesdroppers.  Amos mutters that they're looking  for the Vatcha.  And he hints that he is carrying a glint of a reflective surface.

The Man Dressed in Iron
In the Season of Mist, a man dressed in iron steps into view, moving towards the Gypsy Elders and Pearl.  The Elders fear another one of the Vatcha has sensed another.  The thing points the long object in its hand at her direction.  Using the Grasp of the Wind, Pearl uses the Domain of Air to separate the man's weapon from his hand.  But to her surprise, the thing holds fast, keeping the winds from carrying  it away. He motions the rod towards the ground, then raises it upwards, causing the ground to shape as patches of earth and stone rise into the air.  "Run!" Pearl tells everyone and as the others break into a run, she realizes the others might not be able to get out in time.

The name Murid easily reaches their mind.  They remember one of the Vatcha, known for its command over earth.  Pearl yells out to him, asking what he wants. Murid raises roots that wrap around the elders, choking and crushing them!  Pearl asks Aspethe what to do, but Aspethe has no clear answers.  Murid yells, "Name?" but when Pearl gives no clear answer, one of the Elders pays the price and pops from the pressure.  Aspethe admits this is the best it can do, and she gives Pearl the power of Become the Pack and through that turns all her people into birds to fly away from the cage of roots and escape.  The whole forest starts to shake as an earthquake hits.  The town with the regiment of soldiers, however, fail to escape.  Pearl remembers the cards she had drawn of the tower and the coming death.  The last time Aspethe had seen Murid was at the Rise of Magic.

At the Fall of Magic, back at the Inn, as the newcomer steps inside, Buck and the Elf realize they cannot hear anyone else talking.  Siduk tells Buck to run, but Buck opts to run upstairs instead to try and get his things back.  Clambering up, he starts hearing a rising rumbling sound as the whole place begins to shake and an earthquake hits.  Buck is flung onto the ceiling as the ground trashes and the floor collapses.  The third level threatens to collapse down on Buck!  Buck calls out to Siduk to save him.   Siduk grants him access to a new miraculous power, One With The Waters, and Buck finds his fingers melting.. his arms.. then he completely collapses into a splash of water.  The building collapses around him.

At the Present, Solania and Obsidia sense the coming of a newcomer. An earthquake hits and Muth drops to the ground from the shaking.  Solania half drags Muth with her downstairs, wanting to get out as soon as possible.  As they reach the ground level, the horses at the stable are struggling to break free.  There are people still in the second and third level of the building, screaming in fear.  Somewhere on the third level, a metallic voice echoes out as he screams, "Where!?!"  Solania pulls up onto a horse, dragging Muth with her, hoping to ride away - but she realizes she does not have the influence to keep the horse calm, while balancing Muth at the same time.  At the fourth floor, a man of metal peers out, and upon seeing Solania below, exclaims, "There."  Muth sees the silver thing and is overcome by fear and terror.  Obsidia suggests that Solania destroy the building!  Solania fights against Obsidia's demands, but the Vatcha's demands are too strong.  The building begins to collapse as the Domain of Destruction is thrust towards it.  The screaming is silenced as the building's devastation fills the air.  Solania kicks at the horse to start running, hoping to head for the eastern quarter where she believes a possible sanctuary awaits.

Buck emerges outside of the debris, reforming into a physical body.  He runs to Muriel, the donkey, who thankfully was tied to a post further away.  Somewhere in the debris, the silver man continues to scream, "Where?" Siduk suggests to Buck that they should talk to it.  But Buck thinks that is a horrible idea.  Buck, however, relents, and calls out to the silver man.  The silver man drags the unconscious bloodied and broken elf with him.  When it sees Buck, however, it drops the elf to the ground.  "There."  Buck continues to badger it with questions, even as the silver thing begins to walk towards them.  Siduk wonders what could have happened between the Rise of Magic and today.  With Buck failing to get answers, Siduk once more tells Buck to run. "Name," the silver man growls and Buck replies, "Buck!  Muriel!" hoping to frustrate it enough to say something else.    Siduk however tells Buck to give his.  Buck draws out the bowl and tells the silver man, "Siduk."

To their surprise, the silver man repeats the name, "Siduk," then walks away.   Buck drops to the ground, rushing to help the elf to see if he can help.  The elf mutters for a "ring" and suddenly emerging from the rubble, Nurid, the half-giant walks to them without a single wound.  He has a ring around his finger.  Buck realizes Nurid is wearing one of the other Vatcha!  And Nurid starts arguing with it about needing to save the elf.  Buck asks Siduk to help, but Siduk refuses to help in the presence of another Vatcha.  When Siduk tries to snag control of Buck, Buck refuses successfully.  Buck holds the Elf's hand, transforms into water, and turns to look at Nurid.  "Siduk," the half-giant mutters, in a voice that is not his own.  "Is that you, Siduk?"  Siduk says yes, with Buck giving him the freedom to use his body for now.

"Such a reunion," the Vatcha ring teases, "Three of us in one place.  Are we leaving peacefully?"

Siduk agrees.  "Yes. For now."

Buck asks what will happen to the elf, and the Vatcha ring shurgs through the half-giant's body, stating the elf did not follow his terms.  The half giant begins to walk away, despite hesitating on occasion.  Buck can tell Nurid is struggling against the Vatcha to leave his partner.  Buck digs through Amos' pockets and finds another ring.  He slides it into Amos' finger and watches as the elf's wounds fade away. He sits up and, with a voice not his own, addresses Nurid, "Leaving me brother."

Siduk and Buck realize there is a FOURTH Vatcha with them.

Nurid's Vatcha demands Siduk and Buck leave, and stress this is now a personal matter.  Buck, however, does not want to leave Amos without making sure he is safe.  However Siduk this time remains dominant and has Buck continue to walk away.  Siduk wishes he could remember who they were, however, given the countless lifetimes that have passed.

Birds fly.
Horses run.
A donkey vanishes into the mist with its rider.
A couple moves, hands holding close, despite their rings being at war.

A silver man stands in a lair.  A map of the world carved from stone is upon the wall.  The silver man holds his hand towards the area where the town of Rosburg stands.  The rock shifts to mark it with the word: Siduk.    There are other names written on the map.  The silver man is keeping track of each and every Vatcha it can.  The silver armor withdraws, revealing a human face inside grasping for breath.  The man drops to the ground, the silver is no longer visible, and struggles to regain focus.  "How long.." he forces the words out of his dry cracked lips, "How long this time?"

No one answers.

"Just let me die," the man begs but the silver gives no response.

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