Thursday, August 18, 2016

JAMS ep02 : Inspectres

Javier's Armed Men Squad

Episode Two


The game opens with a darkened street.  Three people emerge from a movie screening of The Mask of Zorro.  The two elderly people tell the third old bald man stuck on a wheelchair that it is alright being afraid of the bats.  As they walk, a man at the street corner quietly begins to approach them, digging for something in his clothes.  But then, Jalfredo intercepts the man in his car, giving the man a stare.  The man walks away.  He tells the family the car is ready.  One can only guess what could have happened if Jalfredo was not there.

Getting the Call
In the vast dark library, Lucius emerges from the darkness with the book, "Sea Life of the Underworld," drawn out by the sound of a ringing phone.  He snaps the book closed and answers the phone.  Back at the manor, a horny student calls in, informing them of some kind of supernatural appearance happening at a remote area where a festival is going on.   She starts describing a towering thing, over four stories all, with the ground shaking with each step.   Elsewhere, at the olympic sized pool, Aiden is enjoying a good swim.  He hears strange sounds by the window and approaching it, he gets blinded by a flash of light.  As his eyes recover, he thinks he sees a car speeding away.  He hears Lucius' voice and makes his way to the corridor adjoining the area.  And finally, Gary emerges at the alleyway as well, a plate of donuts in his hand.

The three immediately try to investigate what they can.  They uncover that the current event at the beach side is the Drowned Man Festival, which is a festival to commemorate the death of a man who died in a kiddie pool.  He died while saving a bunch of children.   Aiden decides to check Instagram and true enough, hashtag #DMF shows a large number of people in beach attire.  The images mostly show drunken teens, people doing kegstands, hanging by nearby trees, and people enjoying the live band.   One picture shows however something that looks like a giant leg in the background.   The whole thing seems to be sponsored by a soda company.  Gary decides to call his pervy friend, a policeman named Rodrigo and the cop gives a sleazy report of being at the beach side and being aware of the strange sounds coming form the area.  He does however admit he's been drinking that night so he might just be hearing things.  The loud booming sounds in the background suggest something massive walking, however.  Lucius decides to whip out the Ouija Board and tries to contact the Drowned Man himself.  The spirit of Antonio Banderaz is summoned through the sympathetic connection that exists with the black bandana souvenier Aiden has when he once attended a DMF event some years back.  The spirit confirms he is not at the event but gets dispelled before he can explain something odd being present there.

With that, the group decides to take the case.  Javier arrives, and the group meets his parents, who identify them as Javier's study group (despite Javier being and old bald man) and they quickly retire to what Javier calls his Cave.

Suiting UpThe Cave has a number of suits, equipment and vehicles currently being worked on.  Javier admits those are all intended for a dream he had of protecting the city in some manner.  Some wonder if he just does cosplay and he tells them not to talk about it to anyone.  As they peruse the equipment, the three look for things can use for the mission - remembering their previous mission's terrible turnout.  Aiden finds an experimental Sonic Grenade which affects only supernatural things.  Lucius finds a massive Bola Launcher which he things would be perfect against giants.  Gary finds an experimental portable bazooka which gives out an odd cow sound when it is fully charged and ready to fire.

Javier stops them at first, confused why they seem to be taking over his business.  They explain there's a job and he finally relents, admitting they cannot take the car.  Jalfredo opts to have them take the boat.   They find a black speedboat with triangular markings which Javier calls his "Goldfish" ("It's not painted yet.")  Javier tells them "Just do it" is the motto of their enemy.  So they have to keep a low profile to get popular with the people.  Gary is John. Aiden is Joseph. And Lucius is Josh.  He again warns them never to use their real names to stay safe. Their new slogan is "Join us!"  And they're are off.

The group decides to head to the location via sea and takes the speedboat route.  To their surprise, the whole area is seemingly empty despite supposedly the Drowned Man Festival being celebrated here. It is not silent, however, as they can hear the terrible sound of a thousand cellular phones chiming in or ringing as family members try to reach their loved ones to no avail.  They aren't certain if the thing is killing people or something kind.  The argument hits them with some stress.

As they move to get closer, flares are utilized to see the area better.   The flare flies, but hits something and starts falling sooner than expected.  Aiden steers the boat closer to that area.  Gary readies the bazooka, finding a laser targeting option on the device. Flicking it on, it casts a flashlight wide laser ray which he uses to illuminate the area ahead.  

The thing is massive.  A giant by any definition.  But more disturbingly, it is composed of composite bodies of all the other attendees of the event!  Aiden tries to turn the boat before it slams into the thing, but fails to warn the others in time.  Gary thanks the fact he's used the Gym before but fails to hold on... but with a splash he discovers the bazooka itself was built to float in water!   Lucius however is flung off the boat and ends up landing against the monster itself.  He feels the hands, arms, legs all clamped on each other as they hold on to him as well.   Panic sets in!

The moon.  Gary realizes he cannot see the moon.  And as he turns to call for Aiden, he realizes he cannot see Aiden either!  The dark thing must be reaching for him!  Gary fires the bazooka at that direction.

Aiden hears the cow sound!  He realizes its the bazooka and he leaps into the water with a flashlight in his hand.  The explosion above him illuminates the area for a moment, revealing there was something that was just about to grab him!

The illumination reveals to Lucius the terrible sight of the composite giant, with now people burning and falling off from the "arm" that was struck with the bazooka.  The bodies plunge into the water, burning as they break away from the composite arm.  Lucius tries to climb higher.  He finds a secure spot and tries to talk to the closest face he finds.   Sadly, the face barely registers his presence.  

Confessional #01
Lucius talks about how Aiden's love for the whole 70s vibe helps in the mission as his brightly reflective sequin top has the lights reflect around to draw the thing's attention.
End Confessional #01

Lucius tries to call out, "Joseph! Use the SONIC BOMB!"  Aiden rises from the water, like a glittering mermaid, and with the flashlight shining against his sequined clothing, he raises a hand with the Sonic Grenade.  Despite while treading in the water, his former life-guard training has him throw the Sonic Grenade at Lucius' direction.  

The bomb explodes, giving out another cow-like sound, shedding more of the people from the composite form.  Gary follows the bomb with the flash light to see what will happen.  This time, however, the people broken free seem to be okay.  As people falls into the water, the three now wonder if its a chance to save more people.

Confessional #02
Aiden remembers talking about Lucius possibly going to die that moment.  But the thing was, Aiden actually taught Lucius how to do high diving during their free time.
End Confessional #02

Lucius safely dives into the water perfectly, remembering the lessons Aiden had shared with him before.  The giant begins to fight more aggressively, which tells them the Sonic stuff seems to work.  But with their limited number of grenades, however, they need to find a way to beat the thing.  The giant reaches to clamp both hands around Aiden, so he pulls another Sonic Grenade out and erupts it as the hands cup him.  People fly away as the hands shatter from their composite form.   People who have been freed are panicking, not fully cognizant of where they are or how they got to the water.

Gary sees a woman nearby who starts grabbing the bazooka from him.  He notices her platinum blonde wig that covers most of her face except for her mouth.  He starts helping the celebrity singer, Sia, to reach the shoreline and learns from her that she was giving a concert when the power went out.  The group starts to move to the shoreline to find a way to end this.

The group gets separated at the shoreline.  Lucius fires the Bola Launcher towards the water side, unable to truly clearly see where it might be standing.  He thinks he caught both of its legs, but cannot see for certain.  Lightning flashes, and for the brief moment, all can see the stretched out humanoid form still composed of the other captive people.  Without its forearms from Aiden's grenade, the thing struggles to remain balanced due to the bola that has entangled its knees.  It moves, disturbingly, in perfect silence.

Aiden holds up the last Sonic Grenade.  He wonders how to use it more effectively, if it seems to be working against the thing.  

Gary and Sia reaches the shore.  Sia complains how all these expensive sound systems were at the beach for her concert, but maybe she should have paid attention to the mention of some kind of fairy stones or stonehenge that was earlier where the stage was set up.  Gary wonders if the stones are the missing connection to the manifestation.

Lucius reaches the shoreline and finds the tree where the student who called earlier has been hiding.  She readily admits she finds Lucius attractive, but tries to give more information on the terrible monster.  She flirts with him a lot, asking him to let her hug him close while they talk.  She identifies herself as "Stacey," and Lucius identifies himself as "Josh."  She tells him about wanting to have his babies, and even mentions she has a twin sister who would love to share him.  Lucius hands her a calling card and tells her to call him tomorrow.  She gasps because it has his name and asks if he would accept her body instead of the money.  She tells him how her mother is very rich, but doesn't like humans, and that it might be her last night on earth.  She asks for permission to hug him and when he says yes, she drops to her knees to hug him.

Lightning flashes.

Aiden dives under and swims towards the giant, hoping to find anything that suggests is acting as the monster's "center" or "core."  He uses the Paranormal Reader (from the first mission) to scan the thing and finds the strange enemies it emits can be traced back to the stage area at the beach! Aiden dives back down after a quick gulp of air to swim for the shoreline.

Gary tells Lucius what he's learned and the two make their way for the stage, leaving Sia behind at the beach.  The horny student runs to accompany them to the stage.  Aiden tries to join them but the giant notices his movement.  The giant attempts to stomp on Aiden!

Confessional #03
Gary remembers how he only realized that night how Aiden was cooler than he thought. He was after all, a 70s ninja, having learned ninjitsu from some dojo.  It so works with his sequins.
End Confessional #03

Aiden breaks into a run, and as he remembers his ninja training, he easily evades the giant's foot as he dashes on the sand.  (dodging to the theme of the Baywatch theme song).  Lucius grabs the sand and allows it to spill out, attempting to see if he can detect any occult readings from it.  Gary, on the other hand, starts working on the stage soundsystem.  Lucius gets gagged when the sand files into his face and mouth.  The horny student tries to help him by using her tongue to wipe away the sand that is blinding him.

Speakers, microphones, lights all come on as Gary finds the unplugged extension cord and clamps them back together.  The giant turns into their direction, noticing the stage.  Aiden arrives and, ignoring Lucius who is getting tongued, comes up to Gary and flings the grenade to him.  Gary holds up the microphone after yelling out, "Good evening Cleveland," before raising the microphone to the grenade to catch its explosion!

The throw is perfect.  The sound transmits outwards in a wave of anti-supernatural energy.
 Lucius, on the ground, sees the glowing stone beneath the stage, the last remnant of the "stonehenge structure" that was here.  The cow sound blares all over them. The giant explodes, falling apart as people tumble to the ground.   The force of the sound even causes the clouds to part and moonlight to finally shine down.  The horny student holds Lucius closer, asking him to take her home as she's scared of the sound.  She pulls him close and asks for his real name.

Lucius gives it.  She smiles, tells him she thinks she loves him... and as Aiden and Gary pose dramatically as the bodies scatter to the floor, with Aiden flinging off the sequins and Gary shines the laser on him.  They give a jumping high five. But when they turn to congratulate Lucius, there is no sign of him.  All that remains is a ring of mushrooms having sprouted where he was standing. The bola launcher is left on the sand.  Gary unearths the mushrooms, digging, wondering if there's any clue of where he has gone.

Clean Up
They relate to Javier and Jalfredo what happened and thought they consider at first the chance Lucius had quit to join with the underage student, Javier returns and holds up a book.  Mushroom rings, stonehenge, and the like are all connected to the fairy folk.  The rings suggest one of them passed through or just left, Javier shows a text that says, "So long as the ring is not broken..." Gary facepalms.

Javier decides to call a friend who can help.   He warns them, though, that he is not normal.


At the other side of everything, Lucius meets the "mother".  She seems to have two pairs of eyes, a single mouth, and offered something for him to drink.  Lucius could not say no to the things being offered.  They talk about giving him a new name.  He falls asleep.


An old phone rings.  Javier makes a call to his old friend.   "You said once that if I need you, you owe me since I helped you before. I am calling in that favor."  The ghost of Sherlock Holmes nods..

There won't be any time for a vacation trip today, it seems.

(Watch the episode here:
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