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Masters ep02 : Legends of the Wulin


Episode Two
"The Ninth"

Legends of the Wulin

Trevor Wang, the head of the company that fired Matt Biao, asks to meet with him again.  As it turns out, the man is now being blackmailed by the prostitute he had hired, and he has hired Matt to track her down and convince her to stop.  Before he can leave to fulfill the job, however, he finds himself accosted by Trevor Wang's daughter, Samantha Wang, who handles his legal affairs.   She insists on accompanying him when he refuses to tell her what's going on.

David Yezi wakes up confused if the events of the previous night were just a dream.  After spending time trying to shake off the feeling and return to more normal affairs, he eventually revisits the temple and gets a visit from Peter Chan, the guy at the goodwill center who seems to be suffering from moments of memory loss.  He lost his money bag, and David soon realizes so has he.   They offer prayers in hopes that the thief would return it. Auntie Lo visits and reminds David he needs to pay her rent soon.  David finally checks the security tapes and realizes they have been tampered with.  The events of the previous night must have been real.

Rose Lin is working at the hospital handling a bunch of patients, including an old man who confesses having "breathing" problems and shows he's taken viagra to deal with it.  She realizes he means "breeding problems" and uses Elemental Progression Technique to channel all the blood pressure to to the right spots to help ease the problem.  But then she discovers a visitor: the Baneful Starving Tiger Dragon pays her a visit, flings a needle at her which pins her to the wall by the collar, as an invitation to a battle to later come.  Rose grabs the needle, and overcome by a Trivial Fear, runs away.

Matt's investigations with Samantha lead them to an online site called which identifies their target as JuJu.  As they leave on the private elevator, Matt and Samantha have a brief struggle as Samantha tries to strong arm Matt into giving information.  Both are impressed at each other's Kung Fu.

Rose visits David, asking for a prayer of protection.  The brush with the old man worries her greatly.   Going Bei walks in, but as his direct approach unnerves the two, David ends up using a hint of his ability to knock away Gong Bei's comb as he draws it to fix his hair.  This causes him to run away in embarrassment.

Samantha Wang (Charlie Yeung)
The two discuss Gong Bei possibly having interest in Rose, and the attempt to give her a blessing - despite the generous donation - fails due to the intense... fidelity he senses emanating towards her from Gong Bei.  Rose shows David the needle tossed at her and the two realize they have met the same man.

Samantha and Matt continue to discuss the case, with Matt trying not to give too much details. But Samantha, being a very keen lawyer, is good at reading people.  They track Juju and convince her to agree to meet with him at the ferry.  Things go awry, however, when Matt finds instead the Baneful Starving Tiger Dragon waiting for him.  He whispers something to Juju, which has Juju leap off the boat to kill herself.  Matt leaps into the water to save her, but a needle is tossed from above and punctures Juju's head!  Seeing the needle embedded in a way that Matt cannot pull out without killing her, he uses his chi to lightfoot back to the shore, and with Samantha's help drives her to the only doctor he believes can help: Rose.

David finds another visit from Gong Bei.  The gangster finally confesses he is smitten with someone and seeks out advice. Despite having good intentions, the man clearly has trouble moving past his violent gangster tenancies.  David advises him to attempt to live a life of peace and divests him of all his weapons.  There are enough to fill a number of baskets.

As Rose attempts to treat Juju, Matt and Samantha talk about how she has memories of her father doing strange things.  Juju dies at the table and Gong Bei shows up asking to help Rose.  Neither are aware of the battle David finds himself engaged in when a man calling himself one of the former Liquid Metal Delegates shows at his door and challenges him to a fight.  The fight is short-lived as David's Kung Fu is far more effective than the other.  He, however, calls himself the 8th and deeply seeks to become his pupil now.
Gong Bei (Danny Chan Kwok-kwan)

The death strikes a painful chord in Rose that when Gong Bei arrives, he offers to help her deal with the body.  Rose lets him.  Matt and Rose finally speak with Samantha about what may be going on and to prove that there is truth in this talk of martial arts and deadly needles, Matt reveals to her his ability of lightfoot techniques.  Matt decides to reveal to her his Kung Fu and she finally admits that her family used to show such wondrous things as well. But as she grew up, she always believed it was just her imagining things.

They wonder if Samantha Wong is also, like them, a descendant of one of the prestigious Clans that held the Tiger Dragon at bay in the past.  Or worse, if Samantha's father might be a target!

David gets home to sadly find a dead body abandoned in his bathtub, sizzling in what seems to be acid.  Gong Bei hurries out, realizing he probably chose the wrong place to dump it!
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