Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day03

Given I am rarely a player in most games, in order to answer this question, I guess I will have to choose that game from waaaaaay back when I played Shel Downwind, Paladin of Tymora, which was during my first game under GM Ryan with the Tahanan boys.

My Paladin had a single magical item, a ring of Regeneration, and yet that sort of captured how I wanted to play her. She devoted herself to her cause, despite serving a god who was so fickle that luck came and went so often. But the Ring of Regeneration meant no matter what, she would eventually recover from injuries and keep on fighting. So she did that, even as the Time of Troubles happened all around them and magic twisted in all these directions. She would charge, fight and at times fail, but eventually would heal enough to get back on her feet and keep going.

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