Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day04

I think for this one, I would have to give the "award" to Rocky, my partner, who in a Blood and Honor game beautifully used his Cunning wagers to disassemble his opponent in a duel and defeat the guy without even raising his own sword.

The enemy samurai was one of the rare ones who used a bow and arrow instead of a katana, but used it just as deadly.  However, as the enemy trained the arrow at him, Rocky's samurai - who happened to be the Spymaster in the game - simply declared, "I know you," and with his wagers systematically described his observations on why the man was no longer the threat he used to believe himself to be.

"Your left arm no longer has the same strength as before, from age.  Your right arm is shaking, nerves raw from exhaustion.  Your stance is wrong, a footing set from acting without discipline..." and of course his final declaration was, "And you have only one eye left, having lost and blind from a cataract growing from within."

The arrow flew.   He simply shifted his weight from one foot to the other and watches the arrow miss him.  The samurai surrendered, knowing he was beaten.

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