Thursday, August 4, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day05

Given I'm mostly the GM than a player, this is harder to answer.  Although I know there have been many times when people would talk about how I approached Duke Dray of Changeling the Dreaming.  In my version of Duke Dray, he was a buffoon who twirled his mustache and ran around with a cape even among the unenchanted.  He would slip when he entered rooms, or accidentally elbowed shelves and tables, basically kultzing his way through scenes.

And more infamously, he was always using Kylie Minogue song lyrics in many dialogue scenes.  Once, accused of wanting to become the High King, he responded, "Oh... I could be so lucky... lucky... lucky... lucky.."  Another time, he was arguing about how much he was obsessing over killing the player character's hero by saying, "Your murder... I want you to die so much... I can't get you out of my head!"

In this game, we cast Morwen, the sister of the High King David Ardry, to actually be Kylie Minogue when outside the Freehold.  It wasn't til much later in the game when Duke Dray finally ends his months long bunk does he cast his Cantrip to imprison the sister as part of his insidious plan.  The PCs were speechless, realizing all those game sessions they were laughing and making fun of the man, he was actually acting out the bunk he was building to become super-effective!


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