Friday, August 12, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day12

Trick question as we have a number of gaming groups.
Urim, Che, Rocky: We are currently enjoying another romp with Legends of the Wulin, this time setting the game in the modern day.  Once this chronicle is done, I can foresee either a stab at Exalted 3rd edition (if it finally arrives physically), a dive into Changeling the lost/Dreaming, or maybe even something different like the Dracula Dossier for Night's Black Agents.   Or maybe even more awesome, Che might finally decide to try running us a game!   This group has always been fun in how flexible and trusting it feels.  Few groups reach this level of honest acceptance.

Adrian, BJ, Jon, Maki, Rocky: We are wrapping up our foray into A Red and Pleasant Land, and we're going to dive next into a Ryuutama chronicle with Jon this time taking the storyteller reins!  Very exciting stuff.  Jon loves the concept of Ryuutama and I can't wait to see him evolve to a GM.

Aina, Brian, Rocky: We're currently exploring the 7th Sea world and that's going to last for a few sessions.  Afterward, I can foresee another dive into House of the Blooded or maybe even something more different like a long term Dr. Who game or a spin at trying something like Castle Falkenstein again. There's even temptation to explore Pendragon or the Burning Wheel.  The group loves its fandom and even more, embraces drama without negativity. So a game like Falkenstein would be very cool.

Marvin, Jeff, Rocky: We're going through Wield right now and sadly its moving slow due to real-life priorities. But once that evolving story is over, we might try a dive back into more traditional role-playing games. Maybe Pugmire would be a good fit given we all love dogs.

Indigo Gaming: At work, we just concluded a Blades in the Dark saga, and have started a few funny sessions of Inspectres.  But once those are done, we might try diving into something more serious again.  I personally would love to see the group try Masks and maybe this time do a teen-superhero game right.  Or even try something like Shadows of Esteren and properly explore horror in a fantasy setting.  Our last few games were hilarious and fun, but I'd love to see them try something darker like they did before with Fiasco.

I think I can stop there.  There are other groups, but that's enough for this post I guess.

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