Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day18

I used to this Virtual Reality was the answer I would always place here.  The idea that you could literally play in an entirely virtual recreation of the game was  one I really wanted to achieve.   But nowadays, I feel VR would remove a key component to what I love about role-playing games and that is the imagination is engaged.  Rather than visualize and imagine things, the player simply acts - which while it sounds cool, also kinda makes it less a role-playing game and more an infinite-budget interactive theater. 

So given that, I think I would rather keep that a separate form of entertainment and not something that drives table top rpgs to extinction.

The innovation I feel we can most benefit from that currently exists right now would be the use of video conferencing with 3D printing. Imagine if we reach a point where you can run a game with players from various parts of the world simultaneously, and "hand things over" to them as they receive it as an instantly reproduced 3D printed object.  Specific props can be handed over.  Dice can be "printed and dropped" in the other side of the world just for fun.  And mind you, this can go beyond what 3D printing is doing now.  Maybe in the future, we can share meals as we play, and even create games that have a lot of tactile components (like Dread, Invisible Sun, or even cards like in A Single Moment or Psychosis) that you can just purchase and print out to play with your group.

3D printing gets my vote for now. I mean, they're  the base evolution leading to Star Trek Replicators!

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