Sunday, August 21, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day22

There were a number of such in the past with a certain group, but then we realized a lot of it was grounded on a very unhealthy source, so we've thankfully moved on from having that keep happening.   Focusing then on the more positive stories, and more hilarious threads.

At work, when I run my games there, there usually is a narrative thread that moves towards a romantic angle. Despite the group being more focused on the action and comedy.  And frankly, I don't mind.

With my close gaming group of Che, Rocky, and Urim, our games usually have a great comedy/drama angle.  But we eventually always end up having NPCs we love so much that they become main cast characters.

Finally, with one shot games that I run, there almost always is a player who will eventually want to try a role that they've never played before.  And I am usually happy to let them go for it as I make my one shot games opportunities to explore different games.

Thankfully, that has lead to at least five players within the last year so far who have moved forward to the point of RUNNING their own games with the said system with their own friends.  And that makes me smile.

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